07 July 2017

instagram or insta ME?

i was looking through some feeds the other day 
just admiring all these beautiful people 
with perfect lives
full of fun adventures 
and what seems like unlimited money 
some with the same faith as me and others not 

and i just kept thinking man my feed is so BORING 
i started thinking about color schemes 
the right time to post 
how "perfect and skinny" do i look in each one 
showing no low points and only the high 

I've been comparing my low lights to all these peoples high lights 
and that's stupid 
i'm cheating myself 

i have a great life 
and i shouldn't discount that 

after looking at a few feeds i looked back at my own 
and realized i was in EVERY photo 
don't get me wrong that isn't necessarily a bad thing. 
my instagram feed should have me in it. 
hello its called @josthacker for a reason 

i read a quote once (and of course i can't find it for this article.) about how if some from the early-1900's were to see the amount of photos one teenager has of themselves they'd think we were the most selfish human beings. Only focused on ourselves and to busy taking pictures verses making memories. 
Photos are supposed to document the memory, help us remember it. Not be the entire memory. The only substance to it. 

but i am more than what i look like or what i do 
so why don't i represent some of that 
why not include spiritual things 
emotional things
or just plain things that i love 
that i'm proud of 
how about i share uplifting photos and captions that aren't all about my appearance. 
but are more about my true self. 
become more accurate. 

so i looked up nice feeds
uplifting feeds
feeds that have more meat than just appearance 
because I've never been much of a landscape photographer I posted some images from Pinterest that i felt represented the feel i was going for 
some i captioned 
others i left blank because I just loved them. pure and simple. 
I've realized you don't need a reason to love something. 
sometimes you just do. 

so make your social media and accurate representation of your life. 
what you love 
what you're interested in. 
take the challenge 

forget about the perfect time to post 
or the amount of likes you'll receive 
( i actually got likes on those nature pictures. like what?)

because people aren't just interested in looking at your face all the time.