26 June 2017

What i'm looking forward to

spring semester being over 
(here I come to full time nannying!) 
graduating BYU Idaho this April 
(whoop whoop. excited to get out of this one horse town.)
going to FestiNord in Sweden this July
 travelling this summer
(Sweden, Chicago, California, Seattle, Arizona) 
driving my little beetle around 
having a job in Idaho
(bring on the 4 am shifts)
wedding season being over 
(hello single life) 
Visiting my friend in Germany this December 
(Marisa I miss you!)
Spending Christmas in Norway 
Visiting Alaska this October 
Applying to BYU's European Studies 
(applying in October. Beginning in June of 2018)
Starting an internship! 
(praying for the police department or for an airline.)
Having a norwegian speaking friend with me in Idaho
(leah! can we like hang out every single day???)