27 June 2017


i realized the other day 
that we all have obsessions 
some with animals
periods of their lives
peanut butter 

things that take up vast majority of their time but are fulfilling 

last week i realized what my obsession was. 

in 4 hours i took 43 quizzes each having 10 questions 
that's 430 questions! 
and the thing is. i only stopped because my bum was aching from sitting in a hard chair at the library. 
eyes watering from being glued to the screen 

yet going back to the apartment just to tell anybody who would listen all about it. 
that's when i realized that i kinda have a problem 

but is it really a problem?
having something worthwhile and tasteful that occupies most of my thoughts 
and tons and tons of my time. 

i mean all day i'm snapchatting somebody in Norwegian 
and i absolutely adore it
in fact if i get anything in English from them i'm a bit disappointed. 
hard life i know right 

obsessions can easily over rule our life. When they aren't in check with what we need to accomplish for the day 
i see it as a reward if i have time to study something i love 
while i can always give up sleep for it though ;) 
not always the best option 

it just made me think of what other people are obsessed with and why? 
people judge me all day long for being obsessed with this smaller country on the other side of the world 
in fact i get asked weekly if i served a mission there (i served in Alaska & loved it!) 
if i had served in Norway my Norwegian would be 10X better 
no doubt 

but with time it slowly will become where I want it to be. 
one day! 

so whats your obsesssion. and how obsessed are you?