21 June 2017

not perfect

(i made this video!) 

I've realized how crazy this blog is. 
that its really not living up to its potential. 
it was used to keep up with my mission. 
and that served its purpose well. 
but that's over 

so i've been thinking about what this blog should be 
what i want it to be 
where i want it to stand. 

its easy to get caught up in the "perfection" of it all 
that there are people "out there" who have "perfect" lives 
beautiful photos 
beautiful husbands. 
perfect kids
a gorgeous home 
that they're debt free
and i realized that just because is seems that way 
doesn't mean it is. that i can make this blog anything i want 

i was watching a Criminal Minds episode and this girl used a blog as a way to release her emotions. 
like a journal. 
and I've decide to do that. 
in a way. 
now there may be posts now and than of really nothing 
maybe photos 

but to focus this blog on something that i care about 
my passions 
my hobbies
what i'm hoping to achieve 
i want to keep it real 
even if i'm the only one who reads it. 
and that i can post anything any time i want 
i don't need to wait for the "perfect" time. 

but that this blog can be filled with what i think 
hope for 
search for 

what life is really about. 

its not just about 
but that its about something great 
something better than i could hope for 
that my photos 
 don't have to align with everyone else 
that i can live my own life. that it doesn't' have to align with everyone else