21 June 2017

Gygi and Hansen Video

(click to watch!) 

Mr and Mrs. Peter Hansen

some of my best friends tied the knot on the 14th of June. 
having been there for their entire court ship it was a pleasure to be there for their sealing
while i was still serving Taylor came home from serving in Iowa about 6 weeks before me
it was so fun getting emails from her!
she started talking about "this really cute boy" we went to high school 
and i totally thought i'd come home to my best friend having a boyfriend
AAAH i was so nervous 
what if we don't get along? 
i was worried. but i didn't have a reason too. he's the nicest guy. 
after a few months Tay went out of town and Peter and I met up. 
hanging out 
which i realize now was real strange. 
turns out he wanted to talk to me about marrying Taylor! 
I was stoked.
my best friend

(GUYS. seriously though go to the best friend. she knows everything.) 
i ended up showing him images of rings she loves and he showed me what he'd already bought 
from Paris. adorable right? 
than i gave bits of advice 

**fast forward ** 
a couple months  

i'm sitting in a California airport having gone for a wedding 
Peter calls about wanting to propose to Tay 
we talk about his options and what we think she'd like 
it was so FUN 
i felt like a sneaky rat for knowing before her 

6 months later and they're married! 

I had so much fun making this video for them!

They had a gorgeous reception