26 June 2017

common courtesy

lately I've been thinking about courtesy 
having grown up in a home where Emily Post was idolized & her manner books were read and enforced at the table. 
its made me think about where we learn what is polite and what isn't.

this past week I've had an interesting experience. 
my roommate decided to get a "therapy cat". 
which i don't mind. 
in fact i don't care. 
i understood therapy cats to be like a form of medicine. 
but her cat is just a plain old family cat borrowed from her uncle. 
really nice cat actually. 
if not a tad annoying considering it jumped on my face 3 times last night. 
not cool cat. not cool.
which in turn has lead me to walk around all day with a massive headache from the lack of restful sleep. 
when will she strike again? 

my main thing is that i was told, by the roommate, that it would take time to get one. 
well 2 weeks later and less than 24 hours notice 
In fact I was heading out the door with my bags packed to fly to Utah for a family reunion. 
(Where there is no wifi and no service.)
there is now a cat not only living in my apartment
but in my bedroom 

before i signed a contract I informed the office that I needed to live in a animal free apartment. 
i come from a family with cat allergies. 
my mom being the extreme. 
and my mom also being the one whose going to drive from Utah to Rexburg to bring me all the way back. 
with all the cat dander I might as well just drive the 2 block away to Rexburg's hospital and admit her. 
I told my roommate that I had to move. 
she felt bad so was going to give the cat back to her uncle one week before the semester ends
(mind you we only have 3 weeks till the end)
so that we could deep clean the apartment of all forms of cat dander
and so that I could wash EVERYTHING I own. 

yes people. 
my laundry load just went from maybe 2 loads of laundry 
to 20 loads of laundry. 

i have to wash all clothes, bedding, towels, and wipe down all others possessions. 
(that's how bad my mom's allergy is.) 
someone once put a dog in her lap which she quickly put on the floor and had to use her inhaler. 
needless to say she couldn't take 4 hours of any dander. 

its a pain. because not only do i have to work Monday- Friday at 4 am, complete finals, projects, and presentation, along with packing up to move, now i have to do 20 loads of laundry. 

interesting situation. 
i wouldn't say i'm mad. 
just bummed that she didn't think to check with me about it. 
especially since well i live there too 
and a cat affects my life 
just as well as hers

i won't even comment on the use of therapy animals
my mom has stories from the airport that would make you wanna throw up everything you've ever eaten. 
its not regulated enough. but that's not the point. 

when did the lines of courtesy become so blurred?