02 March 2017

RM status

Transitioning home: 15 tips 
(little party hats to make you feel special )
🎓Accept the awkward 
🎓Get to know each family member again
🎓Watch first movie by yourself. 
  • Go with a bunch of people to the first time at the movie theater 
🎓Read scriptures everyday 
🎓Do baptisms for the dead (+names)
🎓Don't live in the past 
  • the lord has accepted your offering of service 
  • Don't compare than to now 
🎓Figure out your personal style 
🎓Find new hobbies 
🎓Get a job 
🎓Do something that makes you happy 
🎓Don't feel guilty
🎓Don't give yourself a timeline (for anything) 
  • don't extend yourself so far that you don't have fun 
🎓Create 4 major goals for the year after your return 
🎓Go on a lot of dates 
  • make first date a group date. But make sure the other couple are either not a couple or not the touchy couple. They should be your good friends. Your first date will be weird. Have some friends there to fill the awkwardness. 
  • with a lot of different girls 
  • make them casual
  • find out what your deal breakers are 
  • Remember perfection does not exist 
  • you don't have to have your life figured out 
  • You're young. You don't need to be married 1 year after or even 2 years after. 
  • Let your experience as a return missionary change your life. 

YOU ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON AS WHEN YOU LEFT. And that's how it's supposed to be.