24 March 2017

1 year

First day in Alaska with Sister Ali Harrison 

In Fairbanks Alaska with Sister Shaley Farmer

at Anchorage Alaska LDS Temple with Sister Laurel Galli, Sister Elizabeth Watts, and Sister Shaley Farmer 

with the Price family on Andrea's baptismal date in South Anchorage Alaska 

I've thought a lot about my time in Alaska 
actually, i think about it every single day 
i think about the people i served, 
who i taught, 
who changed 
and who didn't 
I've thought about the people i grew to love 
the land i love 
serving an LDS mission changed my life. 
it helped me to see the good and to recognize the imperfect 
it gave me realistic expectations of reality 
and the role our Savior plays in our life 
that the Atonement is real 
and that it's here to help us. 
that the Savior is here. He's here now. 
and that he's never left.