24 March 2017

1 year

First day in Alaska with Sister Ali Harrison 

In Fairbanks Alaska with Sister Shaley Farmer

19 March 2017

CecTpa Thacker

Sierra is serving in the Adriatic South Mission
Macedonian Region
Macedonian and Bulgarian speaking. 
Serving from April 2017 - Oct 2018

02 March 2017

Dating. YAY.

someone asked me the other day for advice. so heres my tips.

First date 
  • No movies, No phone, No social media, No group dates (unless used as excuse to get together. I'll tell you why they aren't the best idea. Group dates can be more relaxed. But in a way you've got to compete with a whole bunch of people for your dates attention. How can you get to know someone well enough to decide on what level you like them? It can be hard to have deep conversations in a loud space. But there are exceptions to every rule. )
  • Who ever asked who: picks up, drops off, and plans. (Walk all the way to the door. Please. Otherwise it's just awkward and can give the wrong impression. Or the right one. Depends haha). 
  • Keep doorstep scene brief (less awkward. Less needy.) 
  • Casual: date, conversation, questions, clothes. You don't need to spend a lot of money to have a good time. 
  • Don't share to much. (No talking about to deep of stuff: e.g. exs, suicidal roommates) Keep it laid back. Don't brag. 

RM status

Transitioning home: 15 tips 
(little party hats to make you feel special )
🎓Accept the awkward 
🎓Get to know each family member again
🎓Watch first movie by yourself. 
  • Go with a bunch of people to the first time at the movie theater 
🎓Read scriptures everyday 
🎓Do baptisms for the dead (+names)
🎓Don't live in the past 
  • the lord has accepted your offering of service 
  • Don't compare than to now 
🎓Figure out your personal style 
🎓Find new hobbies