27 February 2017

Top 16 of 16

I saw a cute post talking about their tops of the year. So i figured i'd follow suit. 
(These are in no particular order.) 
Some of these things may sound trivial. But when you're away from home for 18 months it makes a huge difference

  1.  Serving a full time LDS mission. By far my most favorite thing. Serving the people in Alaska was the best decision i ever made. Not only did i get to spend every second for 18 months talking about the Savior and his life. I met so many incredible people. I learned so much! I changed into a far better version of myself. 
  2. Receiving a college degree. Granted it's only an associate's and i'm not done with school but i've dreamed of this degree for ages. It was a lot of work. especially doing 18 credit hours every semester. It kills. 
  3. Deciding to move to Norway, getting a  Norwegian tutor, and learning the language. Time to debut my childhood dream and make it a reality. 
  4. Travelling. From travelling back to Alaska to hitting up England, New York, Hawaii, Idaho, Seattle, and California. And also taking many mini trips. Up to logan, provo, park city, bear lake, and camping. 
  5. Getting to know my family again. While serving a mission I spent 18 months away from my family. Just talking through emails, letters, and an occasional skype. Things change. People grow up. My sister graduated high school and completed a year of college. My brother moved into high school, started driving, and dating. (weird.) Reconnecting with friends and extended family. 
  6.  Baptisms. Being able to teach so many people and having the opportunity to witness 3 of them be baptized. It is the most amazing feeling to witness people change their lives. 
  7. Turning 21. Birthdays are just my favorite. Mine or others. I just can't contain myself. I LOVE to celebrate! Its a must. The day only comes once a year. 
  8. Dating. I have had the opportunity to go on many dates. And ya, it's still awkward for me. But it's also a lot of fun. You make so many new friends and people. I've also realized a bit more of what i'm looking for and what maybe won't be for the best. 
  9. Hanging out with missionary friends. Its so FUN!  To talk with my old companions and mission buds. Mission reunions are the best. Its fun to see where everyone is in their lives. It makes you realize just how different we all are. 
  10. Spoke in front of Elder Renlund, an Apostle.  Alright. This was a terrifying experience for me. I mean terrifying. I was asked a week in advance. And totally forgot. I remembered at midnight the night before. I wrote my talk during my ward's sacrament meeting and a few hours later arrived at the other ward. And that's when I learned an Apostle would be there. So I quickly added a few finishing touches to my talk. To make transitions easier. I was asked to speak about my service as a missionary. A topic I talk about every day. Afterwards Elder Renlund came up and spoke with me. Told me I did an amazing job and that it was on point. Biggest relief I swear! Such a great experience. 
  11. Holidays. Holidays on the mission were usually amazing. But my last Thanksgiving and Christmas were the worst. I hate to say it but Christmas Day was one of the worst days of my life. Being home for the Holidays has been a great blessing for me! 
  12. Getting a job. It has been so nice to make my own money and i've met the most interesting people. 
  13. Transitional Committee. This has been a church calling that I loved. It was so fun to knock on unfamiliar doors and welcome people to come to church. Some were active members and others who weren't as interested. It felt like I was a missionary again. 
  14. 4 Close friends getting married For some it can be kinda sad saying farewell to friends. But new chapters in our lives lead us to new beginnings, new adventures, and new accomplishments. Its been fun witnessing many of my friends tie the knot!
  15. Living the life i've always wanted. I've decided to make this the year do what i want. And i mean that in the best way. My motto has basically been "you can do anything you want". (in proportion). Ive just realized that if you want something the only thing standing in your way is YOU. so do something about it. 
  16. Trying new things. just doing different things. 

cheers to the year i've nicknamed the bucket list year.