22 January 2017

Jeg er her i Trondheim. Uke 2.

Well we celebrated Leander's birthday! (He turned 12. He's a family member that I'm staying with). Had a nice party here on Saturday 😊 there were many people. We have another birthday party on Tuesday!

I started my language class. I'm really excited about it!!! It's about 3 hrs long and  twice a week. I'm hoping it can help build my confidence in speaking. I also got to visit the largest Bibliotek. (Library) in town! 

We also are going to Sweden on February 10th to another family members cabin for the weekend. They want to try downhill skiing. They have some skis I can borrow. Leander said he's excited to "see my face when he pushes me down the kids hill". Hahaha!

I'm meeting with the missionaries on Thursday. They're going to introduce me to a non member they sometimes meet with and another sister in the ward who is 21. They're all going to help me with the language 😊I'm excited about that! Got a full week ahead of me 😊

I was running late to church. Lost track of time. I made it with 20 mins left in sacrament 😳 Than in relief society they asked me to say the opening prayer!! I'm so grateful Donald, my friend who taught me a few months before I left, taught me how to pray in Norwegian! Luckily I've been practicing for a few weeks now. Praying In front of everyone actually made me super happy! There aren't many women so it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. I told Tone (family member I'm staying with) about it. She thought I was brave. She was very impressed that I actually did it. It was a very short prayer! but a good one 😊 I think back now and there were so many grammar errors. But when I said amen everybody looked at me in shock. There was a shocked silence when I walked back to my chair.  Than they all congratulated me. I think they expected the prayer in English. 

The bishop wanted to meet Tuesday but I have Sanders party. They also already asked if I accept callings. I said yes. But I'm partial to ones in primary 😉so we will see!

I hope all is well with you. I'm having lots of fun here and learn new things everyday. I'm still adjusting to the time change. My body has a hard time staying asleep for more than 6 hours. That's a bit tough but it'll change. 

❤ Josie