07 July 2017


hey madelyn hosch thanks for the photos 

instagram or insta ME?

i was looking through some feeds the other day 
just admiring all these beautiful people 
with perfect lives
full of fun adventures 
and what seems like unlimited money 
some with the same faith as me and others not 

and i just kept thinking man my feed is so BORING 
i started thinking about color schemes 
the right time to post 
how "perfect and skinny" do i look in each one 
showing no low points and only the high 

27 June 2017


i realized the other day 
that we all have obsessions 
some with animals
periods of their lives
peanut butter 

things that take up vast majority of their time but are fulfilling 

last week i realized what my obsession was. 

in 4 hours i took 43 quizzes each having 10 questions 
that's 430 questions! 
and the thing is. i only stopped because my bum was aching from sitting in a hard chair at the library. 
eyes watering from being glued to the screen 

yet going back to the apartment just to tell anybody who would listen all about it. 
that's when i realized that i kinda have a problem 

26 June 2017

common courtesy

lately I've been thinking about courtesy 
having grown up in a home where Emily Post was idolized & her manner books were read and enforced at the table. 
its made me think about where we learn what is polite and what isn't.

this past week I've had an interesting experience. 
my roommate decided to get a "therapy cat". 
which i don't mind. 
in fact i don't care. 
i understood therapy cats to be like a form of medicine. 
but her cat is just a plain old family cat borrowed from her uncle. 
really nice cat actually. 
if not a tad annoying considering it jumped on my face 3 times last night. 
not cool cat. not cool.

What i'm looking forward to

spring semester being over 
(here I come to full time nannying!) 
graduating BYU Idaho this April 
(whoop whoop. excited to get out of this one horse town.)
going to FestiNord in Sweden this July
 travelling this summer
(Sweden, Chicago, California, Seattle, Arizona) 
driving my little beetle around 
having a job in Idaho
(bring on the 4 am shifts)
wedding season being over 
(hello single life) 
Visiting my friend in Germany this December 
(Marisa I miss you!)
Spending Christmas in Norway 
Visiting Alaska this October 
Applying to BYU's European Studies 
(applying in October. Beginning in June of 2018)
Starting an internship! 
(praying for the police department or for an airline.)
Having a norwegian speaking friend with me in Idaho
(leah! can we like hang out every single day???) 

21 June 2017

19 june 2017

(click to watch!) 
 a new hobby I've decided to pick up is video making 
so enjoy an evening in my life in Rexburg, ID. 
very fun 
i know
i promise i have friends ;) 

*all shot on an iphone 5S 
edited using Adobe Premiere 

Gygi and Hansen Video

(click to watch!) 

Mr and Mrs. Peter Hansen

some of my best friends tied the knot on the 14th of June. 
having been there for their entire court ship it was a pleasure to be there for their sealing
while i was still serving Taylor came home from serving in Iowa about 6 weeks before me
it was so fun getting emails from her!

not perfect

(i made this video!) 

I've realized how crazy this blog is. 
that its really not living up to its potential. 
it was used to keep up with my mission. 
and that served its purpose well. 
but that's over 

so i've been thinking about what this blog should be 
what i want it to be 
where i want it to stand. 

its easy to get caught up in the "perfection" of it all 
that there are people "out there" who have "perfect" lives 
beautiful photos 
beautiful husbands. 
perfect kids
a gorgeous home 
that they're debt free
and i realized that just because is seems that way 
doesn't mean it is. that i can make this blog anything i want 

09 May 2017


Mozart was "Born in Salzburg, Austria on Jan. 27, 1756. His full name was Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgang’s Gottlieb Mozart. He was baptized as Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart. He is named after his grandfather on his mother's side and after the Saint on his date of birth, Johannes Chrysostomus. His parents where Leopold Mozart, composer and violinist, concertmaster at the archiepiscopal court, and then in 1763, vice-Kapellmeister at Salzburg court. And his mother Anna Maria Pertl, daughter of Wolfgang Nikolaus Pertl, an official from Sankt Gilgen. And had one sibling named Maria Anna (Nannerl) Mozart.
He started playing the keyboard at age 3. And at age 5 he started composing minuets. And in 1763-1766 toured Europe with his father and sister played for Louis XV at Versailles and George III in

20 April 2017


22 in Norway 
the best experience. 
i just really really love it there. 
i walked all over the city. and took tons and tons of photos 
met with the missionaries 
talked about norwegian 
and laughed. alot 
ate hawaiian haystacks norwegian style 
more veggies 
ate tons of chocolate 
watched a funny movie
laughed some more
and some more
it was the best. 

24 March 2017

1 year

First day in Alaska with Sister Ali Harrison 

In Fairbanks Alaska with Sister Shaley Farmer

19 March 2017

CecTpa Thacker

Sierra is serving in the Adriatic South Mission
Macedonian Region
Macedonian and Bulgarian speaking. 
Serving from April 2017 - Oct 2018

02 March 2017

Dating. YAY.

someone asked me the other day for advice. so heres my tips.

First date 
  • No movies, No phone, No social media, No group dates (unless used as excuse to get together. I'll tell you why they aren't the best idea. Group dates can be more relaxed. But in a way you've got to compete with a whole bunch of people for your dates attention. How can you get to know someone well enough to decide on what level you like them? It can be hard to have deep conversations in a loud space. But there are exceptions to every rule. )
  • Who ever asked who: picks up, drops off, and plans. (Walk all the way to the door. Please. Otherwise it's just awkward and can give the wrong impression. Or the right one. Depends haha). 
  • Keep doorstep scene brief (less awkward. Less needy.) 
  • Casual: date, conversation, questions, clothes. You don't need to spend a lot of money to have a good time. 
  • Don't share to much. (No talking about to deep of stuff: e.g. exs, suicidal roommates) Keep it laid back. Don't brag. 

RM status

Transitioning home: 15 tips 
(little party hats to make you feel special )
πŸŽ“Accept the awkward 
πŸŽ“Get to know each family member again
πŸŽ“Watch first movie by yourself. 
  • Go with a bunch of people to the first time at the movie theater 
πŸŽ“Read scriptures everyday 
πŸŽ“Do baptisms for the dead (+names)
πŸŽ“Don't live in the past 
  • the lord has accepted your offering of service 
  • Don't compare than to now 
πŸŽ“Figure out your personal style 
πŸŽ“Find new hobbies 

27 February 2017

Ski pΓ₯ Sverige (2 ukersiden)

Hallo fra Norge!
 The food here is delicious! We eat lots of fish, fruits, potatoes, and vegetables. I don't think I've ever eaten so healthy. We're going to have an American day. Pancakes for breakfast and Hawaiian haystacks for dinner. And chocolate brownies for dessert. I'm excited! I miss American food so much.

Last weekend we went to Sweden to go skiing. We did downhill and cross country. Downhill was terrifying! But I soon overcame the fear and had a blast. Cross country was very tiring. I fell once. (You can see it in the video.) no serious injuries just a big fat bruise on my left knee. Nothing to worry about. It looks worse than it feels. I learned a lot of new words there. We played many games too. One night we each had a card stuck to our forehead. We took turns asking questions about what was on the card. Of course all in Norwegian. It was so much fun! Donald Duck was on my card haha. We had some fabulous meals. For breakfast we had open face sandwiches with brunost, boiled eggs, bread, and meat. Just like on Christmas! I was in heaven. For dinner we had hamburgers and the next night we had Duck. Quite tasty! We had a long drive to and from Sweden about 6 hrs total. We

Top 16 of 16

I saw a cute post talking about their tops of the year. So i figured i'd follow suit. 
(These are in no particular order.) 
Some of these things may sound trivial. But when you're away from home for 18 months it makes a huge difference

  1.  Serving a full time LDS mission. By far my most favorite thing. Serving the people in Alaska was the best decision i ever made. Not only did i get to spend every second for 18 months talking about the Savior and his life. I met so many incredible people. I learned so much! I changed into a far better version of myself. 
  2. Receiving a college degree. Granted it's only an associate's and i'm not done with school but i've dreamed of this degree for ages. It was a lot of work. especially doing 18 credit hours every semester. It kills. 
  3. Deciding to move to Norway, getting a  Norwegian tutor, and learning the language. Time to debut my childhood dream and make it a reality. 
  4. Travelling. From travelling back to Alaska to hitting up England, New York, Hawaii, Idaho, Seattle, and California. And also taking many mini trips. Up to logan, provo, park city, bear lake, and camping. 
  5. Getting to know my family again. While serving a mission I spent 18 months away from my family. Just talking through emails, letters, and an occasional skype. Things change. People grow up. My sister graduated high school and completed a year of college. My brother moved into high school, started driving, and dating. (weird.) Reconnecting with friends and extended family. 
  6.  Baptisms. Being able to teach so many people and having the opportunity to witness 3 of them be baptized. It is the most amazing feeling to witness people change their lives. 
  7. Turning 21. Birthdays are just my favorite. Mine or others. I just can't contain myself. I LOVE to celebrate! Its a must. The day only comes once a year. 


life just got a whole lot crazier. 
i'm leaving norway sooner than june. 
going to school at byu idaho from april to july 
but i'll be making a few trips back out! 
17th of Mai? uh JAAAAA 
i'm applying for admission to NTNU 
and i can not wait!! 
until that happens i'll be in dingy little rexburg 
but i know 2 people there who speak norwegian 
i'm stoked about that 

22 January 2017

Jeg er her i Trondheim. Uke 2.

Well we celebrated Leander's birthday! (He turned 12. He's a family member that I'm staying with). Had a nice party here on Saturday 😊 there were many people. We have another birthday party on Tuesday!

I started my language class. I'm really excited about it!!! It's about 3 hrs long and  twice a week. I'm hoping it can help build my confidence in speaking. I also got to visit the largest Bibliotek. (Library) in town! 

We also are going to Sweden on February 10th to another family members cabin for the weekend. They want to try downhill skiing. They have some skis I can borrow. Leander said he's excited to "see my face when he pushes me down the kids hill". Hahaha!

I'm meeting with the missionaries on Thursday. They're going to introduce me to a non member they sometimes meet with and another sister in the ward who is 21. They're all going to help me with the language 😊I'm excited about that! Got a full week ahead of me 😊

I was running late to church. Lost track of time. I made it with 20 mins left in sacrament 😳 Than in relief society they asked me to say the opening prayer!! I'm so grateful Donald, my friend who taught me a few months before I left, taught me how to pray in Norwegian! Luckily I've been practicing for a few weeks now. Praying In front of everyone actually made me super happy! There aren't many women so it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. I told Tone (family member I'm staying with) about it. She thought I was brave. She was very impressed that I actually did it. It was a very short prayer! but a good one 😊 I think back now and there were so many grammar errors. But when I said amen everybody looked at me in shock. There was a shocked silence when I walked back to my chair.  Than they all congratulated me. I think they expected the prayer in English. 

The bishop wanted to meet Tuesday but I have Sanders party. They also already asked if I accept callings. I said yes. But I'm partial to ones in primary πŸ˜‰so we will see!

I hope all is well with you. I'm having lots of fun here and learn new things everyday. I'm still adjusting to the time change. My body has a hard time staying asleep for more than 6 hours. That's a bit tough but it'll change. 

❤ Josie 

Velkommen til Trondheim

Jeg mΓΈte en kvinne pΓ₯ kirke at vet Grandpa og deg. 
Der er 30 folk pΓ₯ kirke i dag. De var alle hyggelig. 
I morgen jeg skal gΓ₯ med Erling Frode Γ₯ se "downtown" av Trondheim. 
Der   ogsΓ₯ " family home evening" i morgen i kvelden med unge folk. 

02 January 2017

Jeg skal bor i Trondheim, Norge

Josie the Alaskan is moving to Norway
Josie the Alaskan is moving to Norway

Josie The Alaskan is moving to Norway

Josie the Alaskan is moving to Norway

Josie the Alaskan is moving to Norway

Josie the Alaskan is moving to Norway

I'm moving to Norway. 
and I am so happy about it! 
in fact i just can't wait. 
i'm terribly nervous. 
but eternally stoked. 
this dream has been along time coming. 
almost ten years in fact. 
i'll have spent my 10 year anniversary fantasizing about it IN Norway 
i've transferred my church records 
my flight is booked for friday!