31 December 2016

God Jul.

This year most of Christmas was spent with my Norwegian grandparents. 
We ate lots and lots of goat cheese and open face sandwiches. 
I was in heaven. 
heaven i say. 
This is my first Christmas home in the past two years! 
It was a surreal moment to realize I hadn't had Christmas with my family since I was 18. 
We attempted to go to church. 
But it had snowed so much that church was cancelled! 
We weren't able to travel downtown to the viaduct to sere the homeless. So instead we got out our plow and traveled around the neighborhood plowing widow's driveways. 
its tradition in my family to do service in the morning. 
and i love it. 
My mother's mother said the night. which she always does. 
Norwegian Christmas tree on Christmas Day
Sierra and I with the Norwegian Christmas tree 

Christmas with Norwegian Grandparents.
Norwegian Grandparents 

Christmas is really about the Savior. 
How he loves us. 
That he was born to save us.