31 December 2016

2017 Vision Board

Josie the Alaskan 2017 vision board
2017 vision board 

I read a post about making a vision board 
and i loved the idea. 
we all make new years resolutions 
and most the time we NEVER keep them. 
probably because we forget them. 
at least that's my problem. 

when i came across this idea my first thought was 
1. going back to kindergarten. (anybody else remember making colleagues). 
2. i'm a visual person. this might work. 
3. I am sold. 

first off you need to know some goals for the new year. your inspiration. 
my included: 
-visiting the temple 
-reading scriptures daily 
-live in norway 
-learn norwegian 
-grow some plants 
-go hunting
-start a yoga class
-do a humanitarian trip 
-growing my hair out 
-go hiking 
-study at a university 
-take a self defense course. 

basically i just went through my bucket list and chose a few things that I thought could likely be achieved this coming year. 
pick goals that are reachable. 
its super hard to be bogged down by goals that you may not actually get. 
but do reach. 
I chose goals from many aspects of my life. 
chose a goal that you're passionate about 
next you need to find inspiration. things that remind you of what you want your life to be like. 
i basically just hit up Pinterest 
and found photos that would make sense. 
i tried to make mine look less tacky by choosing not only pictures i loved but also were somewhat color coordinated. 
next hang it somewhere 
somewhere where you can see it everyday. 
purposely remind yourself. 
i wrote my goals on the back so i won't get confused when i look at the picture. 

i'm really just hoping that in a year i can become more like the person i imagine myself to be 
more happy. 
living a life i've dreamed of. 

josie from Josie the Alaskan