07 December 2016

2017 Goals

its that time of year again. where we all make resolutions HA.
this year i've decided to actually try some of them.
i'm hoping that by putting it out there may it'll actually happen

overall goals
study Norwegian daily 
spend time in the community 
only speak Norsk till June 
ask lots of questions 
don't be afraid to speak 
write in a journal 
read the Book of Mormon everyday 
start exercising 
watch less t.v. 
stay debt free 
say i love you more 
give compliments 
bear my testimony each fast sunday 
give at least 3 talks in Church 

Norway goals  
only speak Norsk 
ask questions 
keep a journal in norwegian 
write down new words and study them
study daily 
read out loud 
read Book of Mormon 
visit library weekly 
workout daily 
listen to Conference Talks in Norwegian