29 December 2016


was with Sister Price in Eagle River 
Started teaching the Youngs and Robert 
lots of icy weather 
6 hours of church 
celebrated the New Year by telling each other jokes 
did a lot of caroling

Became companions with Sister Gardner in Eagle River. 
Sister Price went home 
started my last transfer
Kept teaching the Youngs and Robert weekly 
drove up the Youngs house all by ourselves 
answered their many questions
found new people to teach 

laughed a lot 
had a great district 
took all day p-day naps
got hit with the plaque. was laid up in bed for 2 weeks 
lost my voice 
attended Robert's baptism
cried because i had to leave 
came home 
went to Hawaii
went to a mission reunion 

turned 21 
hung out with Taylor daily 
left for BYU Idaho 
became great friends with Holly and Stovall 
went on a lot of dates 
gave homecoming talk
got a job 
missed Alaska 

decided to move to Norway 
traveled to Utah every weekend 
went on even more dates 
Madelyn got engaged 
found a Norwegian tutor/ new friend 
quit my job 
The Youngs were baptized. 
Cried because I couldn't attend

Finished up semester at BYU Idaho 
realized i missed home 
started studying Norwegian
completed 18 credit hours 
talked to my companions on the phone for hours 
went river rafting
did lots of camping

finished up semester at BYU Idaho
went on some fun dates
ate a lot of Top Ramen and Microwave pizzas
Talked to Lennart and Tone about coming to Trondheim
watched a lot of movies
spent July 4th in Bear Lake

Had first Norwegian lesson
worked as a ground's keeper and a cashier
did a lot of sweating
did lots of camping
Madelyn got married
was invited to a wedding every weekend
called to be on Transitional Committee

travelled to England
started meeting for regular norwegian lessons
got a front desk job
missed Alaska
invited to more weddings
binged watched Medium
visited a lot of new members
realized i was obsessed with all things Norwegian

Travelled to Seattle
ate a lot of brunost
dressed up like a hot dog for halloween
really enjoyed being home
binge watched Numbers
called as Ward Missionary
slowly made improvements in Norwegian

Travelled to New York
a companion came home
told Grandparents about moving to Norway
had the best Thanksgiving
did lots of homework
binged watched Criminal Minds
first snowfall
applied to BYU and UVU
spoke in front of Elder Renlund, an Apostle of the Lord.

finalized plans for Norway
graduated from Salt Lake Community College
received a degree in Aerospace Technology
was a bridesmaid at Holly's wedding in California
binged on Gossip Girl
was a bridesmaid at Honey's Wedding 
did Hunter's Safety
celebrated Christmas with a Norwegian Breakfast
gave a lot of gifts