31 December 2016

2017 Vision Board

Josie the Alaskan 2017 vision board
2017 vision board 

I read a post about making a vision board 
and i loved the idea. 
we all make new years resolutions 
and most the time we NEVER keep them. 
probably because we forget them. 
at least that's my problem. 

when i came across this idea my first thought was 
1. going back to kindergarten. (anybody else remember making colleagues). 
2. i'm a visual person. this might work. 
3. I am sold. 

first off you need to know some goals for the new year. your inspiration. 
my included: 
-visiting the temple 
-reading scriptures daily 
-live in norway 
-learn norwegian 
-grow some plants 
-go hunting
-start a yoga class
-do a humanitarian trip 
-growing my hair out 
-go hiking 
-study at a university 
-take a self defense course. 

basically i just went through my bucket list and chose a few things that I thought could likely be achieved this coming year. 
pick goals that are reachable. 
its super hard to be bogged down by goals that you may not actually get. 
but do reach. 
I chose goals from many aspects of my life. 
chose a goal that you're passionate about 
next you need to find inspiration. things that remind you of what you want your life to be like. 
i basically just hit up Pinterest 
and found photos that would make sense. 
i tried to make mine look less tacky by choosing not only pictures i loved but also were somewhat color coordinated. 
next hang it somewhere 
somewhere where you can see it everyday. 
purposely remind yourself. 
i wrote my goals on the back so i won't get confused when i look at the picture. 

i'm really just hoping that in a year i can become more like the person i imagine myself to be 
more happy. 
living a life i've dreamed of. 

josie from Josie the Alaskan

Utah's Newest Hunter

One of my resolutions in 2016 was to become hunter certified. 
while living in Alaska I guess you could say I got bit by the bug. 
Everyone hunts there. 
there wasn't a day that went by that I didn't eat some sort of meat. 
(and I won't even go into all the different kinds.)
so forth. 

so here I am. in the last few days of the year making that dream a reality. 
I hadn't shot a gun in 2 to 3 years. 
so my dad took me out the practice before hand. 
thank heavens. 
turns out i'm a crossed eye shooter. 
I'm right handed but left eye dominate. 
i still shot with my right eye. 

Josie the Alaskan after passing hunter's safety.

Josie the Alaskan after passing hunter's safety.

God Jul.

This year most of Christmas was spent with my Norwegian grandparents. 
We ate lots and lots of goat cheese and open face sandwiches. 
I was in heaven. 
heaven i say. 
This is my first Christmas home in the past two years! 
It was a surreal moment to realize I hadn't had Christmas with my family since I was 18. 
We attempted to go to church. 
But it had snowed so much that church was cancelled! 
We weren't able to travel downtown to the viaduct to sere the homeless. So instead we got out our plow and traveled around the neighborhood plowing widow's driveways. 
its tradition in my family to do service in the morning. 
and i love it. 
My mother's mother said the night. which she always does. 
Norwegian Christmas tree on Christmas Day
Sierra and I with the Norwegian Christmas tree 

Christmas with Norwegian Grandparents.
Norwegian Grandparents 

Christmas is really about the Savior. 
How he loves us. 
That he was born to save us. 


so many weddings this winter!
I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid around Christmas twice!
Holly was my roommate at BYU Idaho.
Her wedding took place at the Oakland Temple. 
Her reception was than held in her own home.
Crazy stressful I know.
I can't even tell you how many christmas bulbs i hung up on their tree.
holly and ben jossie wedding.

Bridesmaids in california
After Christmas my second mission companion, Sister Paige Honey, got married! 
Oh gosh I love her. We had so much fun in South Anchorage Alaska. 
She and her new husband Sean were married in the Salt Lake Temple. 
Her reception was than held at Wheeler Farm! 
Bridesmaid in Salt lake City at the Salt Lake Temple.
Bridesmaid with Paige Honey 

It's such a blessing to have so many friends get married!
Each of my friends were married in the Temple.
To learn more about why mormons marry in the temple follow this link
My cute friend, Taylor, just got engaged. 
Here we go June! 

29 December 2016


was with Sister Price in Eagle River 
Started teaching the Youngs and Robert 
lots of icy weather 
6 hours of church 
celebrated the New Year by telling each other jokes 
did a lot of caroling

Became companions with Sister Gardner in Eagle River. 
Sister Price went home 
started my last transfer
Kept teaching the Youngs and Robert weekly 
drove up the Youngs house all by ourselves 
answered their many questions
found new people to teach 

laughed a lot 
had a great district 
took all day p-day naps
got hit with the plaque. was laid up in bed for 2 weeks 
lost my voice 
attended Robert's baptism
cried because i had to leave 
came home 
went to Hawaii
went to a mission reunion 

turned 21 
hung out with Taylor daily 
left for BYU Idaho 
became great friends with Holly and Stovall 
went on a lot of dates 
gave homecoming talk
got a job 
missed Alaska 

decided to move to Norway 
traveled to Utah every weekend 
went on even more dates 
Madelyn got engaged 
found a Norwegian tutor/ new friend 
quit my job 
The Youngs were baptized. 
Cried because I couldn't attend

Finished up semester at BYU Idaho 
realized i missed home 
started studying Norwegian
completed 18 credit hours 
talked to my companions on the phone for hours 
went river rafting
did lots of camping

23 December 2016

bucket list

This time of year has me thinking about things I'd like to eventually accomplish in my life-time. 
life goals? i guess you could say. 
things/ experiences I don't want to live without 
this bucket list is focused solely on what i can accomplish alone. 

serve an LDS mission 
receive my degree in Aerospace Technology 
visit Machu Picchu 

20 December 2016

Memories for a life time.

Big shout out to cute Madelyn Hosch. My best frienddd. 
best friends
At Madelyn's wedding. 

I was invited to come to my cousin Nathan's homecoming. 
He returned from serving an LDS mission in Sweden. 
I got lots and lots of footage.
Madelyn was willing to help me. Took us all afternoon!
so much that it took us 4.5 hours to make a 5 minute video clip.
It was so much FUN! 
I love videography.
it may become a new hobby of mine 

Here's his video! 

I just love it :) 

07 December 2016

2017 Goals

its that time of year again. where we all make resolutions HA.
this year i've decided to actually try some of them.
i'm hoping that by putting it out there may it'll actually happen

overall goals
study Norwegian daily 
spend time in the community 
only speak Norsk till June 
ask lots of questions 
don't be afraid to speak 
write in a journal 
read the Book of Mormon everyday 
start exercising 
watch less t.v. 
stay debt free 
say i love you more 
give compliments 
bear my testimony each fast sunday 
give at least 3 talks in Church 

Norway goals  
only speak Norsk 
ask questions 
keep a journal in norwegian 
write down new words and study them
study daily 
read out loud 
read Book of Mormon 
visit library weekly 
workout daily 
listen to Conference Talks in Norwegian 

01 December 2016

gastro what?!

living with gastroparesis 

"Gastroparesis, also called delayed gastric emptying, is a disorder that slows or stops the movement of food from the stomach to the small intestine." said the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

basically my stomach doesn't function fully 
this gives a wide variety of symptoms 
including but not limited to: 
decay of teeth 
lack of appetite 

there aren't any cures because the cause can't always be located. the options can include changes to diet and in extreme cases medication, all liquid diets, or a feeding tube. it primarily happens to women in their 20s. one day they may just wake up with it. Sometimes it can be due to diabetes or lack of recovery from an illness. 
in my case we believe it was caused by an illness 
my doctor said that at some point i may wake up and be better. but the chances of that aren't likely. 
it can end as quickly as it began. 

i started to experience symptoms in June of 2015. 
one day i just couldn't keep foods down
i thought i must have gotten some sort of bug because the nausea was severe
but after 3 weeks it just kept persisting
at first it was guessed that i may have extreme acid reflux. 
so i took medicine 
but it didn't help 
i was still throwing up every hard food meal 
i started living off applesauce, toast, and oatmeal 
drank enough Sprite to feed an army 
i lost 10 lbs 
and then another 5.