26 November 2016

100 Things I am Grateful for in 2016

serving a mission 
My Savior 
the opportunity to teach others 
watching people change 
my family 
the sacrifices my parents make
a feeling of safety 
movies with happy endings
ice cream 
a good cry 
the ability to drive a manual car 
having the opportunity to re read the Book of Mormon
cold weather 
His Atonement
that i can be forgiven
good walking shoes
good friends
long chats
hard companions 
thick socks 
long sunsets 
that my family and best friends greeted me upon arriving home from serving in Alaska
my norwegian tutor 
chocolate pie 
my norwegian family
mac n cheese
my norwegian tutors patience 
my norwegian tutors time 
clean toilets
my norwegian tutors ability to explain answers to my questions in a way that i understand 
the opportunities to laugh long and hard 
my norwegian tutors ability to never make me feel stupid 
feeling good about the course of my life 
support my friends with their marriages 
to be myself
good advice 
that my norwegian tutor has all the answers 
having people say yes to my requests 
new friends 
feeling smart 
being trusted to carry a secret 
phone calls 
baptismal services 
online math classes 
family reunions 
binge watching tv shows 
car rides 
crisp air 
a job 
a job that isn't stressful 
early mornings 
bomb fires 
hot chocolate 
leather shoes 
the opportunity to travel 
turning 21 
being home for Thanksgiving 
the 4.5 months in Eagle River 
the friends i made while in Alaska 
knowing what i'm eating for dinner. no surprises. 
district meetings 
telling my Grandparents about me moving to Norway 
the chance to start my dream of learning Norwegian, living in Trondheim, and getting to know my family there 
a good night's sleep 
heated blankets 
receiving answers to my stomach problems. 
having the ability to say no
seeing people i taught join the Savior 
plane rides 
eating whenever i am hungry 
hanging out with Taylor everyday 
really long emails with photos 
wedding invitations 
sleeping in 
kind co workers
having people accept compliments you've given them
following spiritual impressions 
finishing last semester in Aerospace Technology 
having a regular schedule 
good grades 
seeing hard work pay off
tater tots with fry sauce