04 June 2016

Velkommen to Ephriam's Scandinavia Days.

I've been dying to attend this for years. 

i love Scandinavia. 

i heard a quote once that i really liked. 

don't know who said it. 

but I'm altering it to what i think. 

America will always be my Country. But Norway will always be my hometown. 

no i wasn't born in Norway.

yes. I've visited. 

when i was about 12. 

did i love it? 

why yes. 

i did. 

do i speak Norwegian?

not fluently. 


study abroad? maybe 

anyways. back to Ephraim. 

Ephraim is a tiny town in Utah. its cute. simple. Snow college resides there. 

i bought a lot of Norwegian stuff. 

and ate Swedish meatballs for lunch. 

one word. 


i had a blast! 

my whole family came. 

plus my grandparents. Both of which speak Norwegian. 

and my other cute grandmother. 


with norwegian flag
My cute grandparents. My Grandpa served a LDS mission in Norway. And my Grandmother is from Norway.

smiling with a norwegian flag
Sierra and I. we love this flag.