27 June 2016

its summer.

with friends

sorry i've been MIA recently. 
so much has been happening. its insane. 
celebrating father's day. 
river rafting
hanging out with friends. 
even though i technically live in Rexburg i've been in Salt Lake every weekend.
white vw bug
and i'm not complaining about it. 
actually i'm moving home next semester. 
here i come to community college. 
i'm graduating this December with an Aerospace degree. 
whoop whoop. 
also my best friend is getting married. 
best friends
congrats babe. 
she'll make a nice wife ;) 
FHE & Relief Society chinangians.
selfie stick photo

at the movies with friends
also i've now offically have a norwegian tutor. 
i'm so STOKED. 
i love norwegian. 
i love norway 
i love it all. 
jeg liker Norge. 
that's my life.
oh and i move home next month! yessss