27 June 2016

its summer.

with friends

sorry i've been MIA recently. 
so much has been happening. its insane. 
celebrating father's day. 
river rafting
hanging out with friends. 
even though i technically live in Rexburg i've been in Salt Lake every weekend.

04 June 2016

donut friday.

girl eating donut

donut friday. 

need i say more? 

Velkommen to Ephriam's Scandinavia Days.

I've been dying to attend this for years. 

i love Scandinavia. 

i heard a quote once that i really liked. 

don't know who said it. 

but I'm altering it to what i think. 

America will always be my Country. But Norway will always be my hometown. 

no i wasn't born in Norway.

cheers to 21 my friend.

taylor turned 21. 

isn't she cute. 

taylor is my closest friend. 

we knew each other in high school. 

but didn't become friends till college. 

sat next to each other at church one day. 

and boom! 

best friends for life.


goin home. 

that's right! 


i love SLC. 

its my place. 

well kinda. 

rexburg is nice. 

boeing airplane

grease galour.


Taylor, Peter, & I have to much fun. 

this looks nasty. 

and ya it was. 

but not really. 

so SO good. 

we ate it all. 

tostinos & kraft mac n' cheese. 

its a new level of YUM. 

do it. 

just do it. 

just once. 

you won't regret it. 


maybe? ;) 

friends eating pizza with mac n cheese
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pizza and mac n cheese

a r t s y.

good coming

sometimes i'd like to think i'm artsy. 

but i'm really not. 

i did make this.