20 May 2016

Syttende Mai!


so May 17th is a HUGE holiday in Norway. 

and i'm from Norway. well my ancestry is.

well 2/3 rds Scandinavian. 

Min farmor kommer fra Norge. Hun kommer fra Trondheim. 

i love Norway. 

like love it. 

if i wasn't American i'd be Norwegian. 

in fact i'm considering doing a study abroad there next summer! (so stoked.) 

well. my dream is to own a bunad. they're gorgeous. They're the traditional dress of Norway. 

well i don't own one. And my grandmother's is in Utah. 

so i improvised. i hope you enjoy my fun edits! 


norwegian bunad
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norwegian bunad

13 May 2016

Home to visit.

So it's been. Well ages.

Lately I've just been caught up in school.

Lots and lots of homework.

Going On dates.


A calling. (Mission pre teacher. Holla!)

Saving up for a couple of things.

School. Fun. Trips. A study abroad?

So I'm study communications at BYU I.

I know. BYU I do. It's all good.

I'm not saying I do. Or anything to crazy.

I've been home 2 months ish.

I went home for Mother's Day.

Miss my cute mom.

I just feel couldn't bear the thought of skyping for another Mother's Day. It's nice on the mission and all.

I also hung out with my super cute friend Taylor. Love her.

Mother's Day