21 March 2016

Miracles on the final!!!!

First off we got 10 inches of snow!!!! That was a surprise...

ROBERT SET A DATE!! It's this Saturday, March 26, at 1 pm in the
Baxter building. It's been a blast planning that. Robert also had his
interview and everything is set. We're making the program tomorrow.

We've been visiting this young lady, Halen. I've been so blessed to
visit her just about weekly for the past 3ish months. It's been so
cool to see her come back to church! The change in her is amazing.
She's applied the Savior's Atonement and found His everlasting peace
for sure. She also heads back home with week! I'm happy for her.

I've been saying Good Bye to people. Which is always sad. So lots of
picture taking and testimony bearing. We've been able to share the New
Easter video #Hallelujah with about everyone! We visited Gary, a now
former investigator, and the Youngs came to Church. We're visiting
with them tomorrow. They asked what they need to do to be baptized!!
They're right there too!

Since it's been snowing a lot the roads are pretty slick in some
places. We drive a beast so we don't really have any worries. 4 wheel
drive and studded tires do the trick. We were on our way to visit the
Glausers, active family, when we saw a car slide into a ditch. We
decided to turn around and head over to them to see if they were
alright. Turns out it was Sister Glauser! She was able to drive safely
out of the ditch so all was well.

The Lord has been blessing us with so many miracles!! One of them
being Katie, a young women who comes weekly but needs permission to be
taught and baptized, finally got permission from her Dad! She's been
nervous so it's taken her about a transfer to work up the courage...
But she finally did!

We got our transfer calls. Well... I'm headed Home. Not to Homer
everyone... Although some of the members heard me wrong and I think
they might be under that impression... Nope. But I hear Homer is a
beautiful place. Sister Gardner is staying and training! There's lots
of work for the new little missionary coming from the MTC.

Last p day we went to the Native Cultural Museum as a district. (Minus
the senior couple and one companionship.) Nothing inside the Museum
was really open. Not even the gift shop. But they let us come in and
look around. So we got some pretty fun photos!

Also if you go on LDS.org you can get a photo of your family tree. Put
into cute graphics. This one is my favorite. I wish it was in order of
generation... But it's okay :)

This has been a pretty awesome week! It's a bit bittersweet to come
back to UT. But it's all part of the plan. I hope you all have been
doing well.

Love you!

10 inches of snow.
Native cultural center.
A Whale bone and I
Happy St. Pattys!
My Family tree. (It's free off of LDS.org)