20 March 2016

March 14, 2016 Baptism!!!!!

 This week we met with Robert. We've taught him everything so we
decided to kinda repeat a lesson we'd already done. Before we first
started teaching him we decided to do a dinner thought on the
interview questions... I know not your typical choice. But we just had
them read the questions to each other. Well this week we thought that
might be a good idea again. Sooooo his wife asked him the questions.
We got to "Do you believe that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God?
What does this mean to you?" And he says "Yes, I do." There goes
EVERYTHING we had prepared. I was in complete shock! You should have
seen his wife's face. She looked so shocked! At the end of the
interview questions. Having had a perfect baptismal interview. He
turns to us and says "so what do you think of my answers?" Us-
"uhh....." Robert goes something along the lines of "looks like
someone whose ready to be baptized. You know I've actually been
thinking about that. I don't know the exact date yet. But within the
next few weeks would be good." ROBERT IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!! So than
the rest of the lesson turned into what a baptism service is
like.(he's been to multiple. But just as a reminder.) what is in the
program and so forth. I'M SO EXCITED!

We also had exchanges this week. I went to south Anchorage in the
Oceanview ward with Sister Bybee. And we had a blast! Did service,
taught a bunch of lessons, and ate dinner with one of the senior
couples :)

Also the new Easter Video has come out! It's called #Hallelujah. It's
wonderful :) you all should go to LDS.org and look it up if you
haven't seen it already. It's just 2 mins long and is just testifying
of the Savior and His resurrection.

Well I hope you are all doing well.

I arrive home March 24 at 10 am. Terminal 2 of the Salt Lake
International Airport.
My homecoming will be April 17th.

Love you all!
Sister Gardner and I
Alaskan Sunset!