01 March 2016

"I know that this is the true church"

Okay well. The beginning of this week and lingering till well now.
(I'm much better at the moment.) I have been sick. Let me tell you.
Being sick as a missionary is no fun! I basically slept all day
Tuesday and Wednesday. And poor Sister Gardner had to find things to
entertain herself. EG: cleaning and journal writing.

Last Monday we did have a miracle! We got to meet with Bill. At first
we were a bit spectacle. Because we were received a text from some
members asking us to meet with an "investigator"... Who calls their
friends investigators? I don't..... We kinda thought that we'd come in
and it would be someone who wasn't really interested in the Gospel but
that the members had just set up. But turns out WE WERE WRONG! Bill
was totally interested. He doesn't have a strong belief in Jesus
Christ or really know what He knows about him.... He actually met this
member family on an airplane coming from Fairbanks. And they invited
him over for dinner and said that they'd Aline him with missionaries.
And he agreed! "The way Chrissy was describing this religion is
exactly how I live my life." He has 7 sons & 1 granddaughter. Golden

We got to make bread with Sister Lund. Well Sister Gardner did cause I
still didn't feel well. So I thought it might be best if I stay out of
the kitchen... But oh my goodness! It was delicious :) Sister Gardner
has a secret talent.

Mt. Baldy has officially been a ward for one year now! The ward had a
birthday celebration for it. It was pretty fun. I still had a nasty
cough. But I was able to introduce Sister Gardner to people of the

We also had what we call Stake Conference. (It's just were a bunch of
congregations in one area meet together. We call the gathering of
these congregations stakes.) Harry and Candy plus Bill all came!! It
was WONDERFUL. Harry & Candy connected with all the speakers. One man
spoke about his conversion story. He joined the church less than a
year ago and actually was introduced to the gospel by the same people
as Harry and Candy. It was a fascinating talk. He served in the
Vietnam War. Harry told us " I know that this is the true church." I
can not wait for them to come back from Seward. They need to here the
rest of the lessons I tell ya :)

Over all this has been one interesting week! We did get to finally set
up an appointment with Vonnne. She attends church each week and reads
The Book of Mormon daily. She's just been wanting to "take it slow."
So she hasn't wanted to meet with us. Apparently now though she has
tons of questions and wants them answered! FINALLY! So we're excited
about that.

Sister Gardner and I
Because I can't hold children I have to hold puppy dogs as a substitute.
Happy Birthday Mt. Baldy!