01 February 2016

The Book of Mormon is the Word of God

Well this week has been a pretty interesting one! We got our transfer
calls. Sister Price is headed back home to Tennessee & I'm staying and
Sister Gardner is coming. (Heading from Anchorage, has been out less
than a year.) Can you believe this is the last transfer?? AHH

We taught Robert & and his cute family this week :) It went very well.
They just bought a new house in Chugiak! Luckily that's still in our
zone so when Robert gets baptized I could still attend. But I think
they'll be our ward for a while. They are planning to make some
improvements on it. He's almost done with all the lessons.

We also had a Relief Society (the name of the organization in the
church specifically for women) activity in Mt. Baldy ward, the
"Women's Forum." They had some Doctor from Anchorage come and talk
about nutrition, stress management, love and support and how those all
tie together.It was pretty long... We'd invited a bunch of people to
it. Only one came. But she clicked with some people so it turned out
to be worth it. I hurt my back on the way to the activity, I fell on
the ice- cracked an inch of ice with my back, oh it hurt! So it was
nice to sit on a couch for a bit during the presentation... It's still
aching. But I've been putting a heating pad on it. So no worries!

We helped Sister McMullen make some baked goods. She volunteered to
make the food for a Samoan funeral. One of her family members un
expectedly passed. So we made loads of frosting & some cake pops for
her. Let's just say there wasn't enough to time to make everything.

We saw the Youngs!!! They're still trying to "make their decision" but
they said they're getting closer. So that's good :) It was more of a
"hey can we meet up? Sister Price is leaving for home this week." We
ended up teaching about temples and eternal families. It went amazing!

Every Sunday night we go to the Asings and read a chapter of the Book
Of Mormon with them. After 3-5 years (they can't remember when they
started) they finally finished!!!!! We'll now be reading the New
Testament with them Sunday nights.

Well everyone! I hope you all have been doing well. I made a goal at
the beginning of my mission to continually read The Book of Mormon
from front to cover as many times as I could. I'm in 2 Nephi of my
10th reading. This time I'm studying every time the Lord says
"remember" and when the people forget. I challenge you all to make a
goal of just a few verses a day. I know that it will bless your life.
It will help you feel the love your Savior has for you. Heavenly
Father loves each one of us. He's given us tools to help us gain
further knowledge of His plan for us.

I love you all!

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Anchorage AK, 99502

Exchanges with Sister Johnstun
There is some pretty rad wildlife here :)
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