22 February 2016

February 22 , 2016 zone bowling, temple, prophets, and Alaskan tuf

Last p day we did some zone bowling. I have learned that I am no good
at bowling. You know in the movies where there's that one bowler that
goes up to bowl and the bowling ball ends up racing behind them? Well
that happened to me. I basically vowed last p day that I should
probably no longer bowl. Just for the public safety.

We got to attend the Temple this week! I LOVE the temple. The
Anchorage temple is so small. It was actually the first small one
built by through the direction of President Gordon B. Hinckley. And it
actually has been added onto. It's still tiny though. I really enjoyed

This week I got sick. Real sick. I woke up on Thursday and felt like
death was knocking on my door. Sister Taylor, our mission nurse,
declared that I had to stay in. I'm actually still recovering from
what ever I caught. But we still had a missionary miracle! Bro Hopson
texted us and asked if we'd come over Monday (today) and teach a
lesson to an "investigator."? Ahh YES!! Not sure who the
"investigator" is that he's referring to. But we're excited!

It has been extremely icy here. In fact church was cancelled yesterday
& the Zone Leaders declared it an ice day. So we went home and did
studies. Than since ice days mean you can't leave the apartment unless
you have a set appointment we just took a Nap and wrote in our
journals and such. I was grateful. Because I still don't feel well. So
it was nice to have some time to take another nap. I should feel
better tomorrow. I hope!

We did get to see Sister Dirkes this week. Finally! It's been FOREVER!
She is doing somewhat well. (She has a lot of health problems.) we
shared a video called "None were with him." It's about the Savior and
his Atonement. Because the Savior went through the Atonement alone for
all of us it means that we don't have to go through and trial or and
joy alone. But that we always have some one beside us who knows &
understands. It has a narration by The Apostle Jeffery R. Holland.
It's a great video. It's on LDS.org if you're interested.

We also saw Robert. We ran back over the commandments. We were able to
find out some of his concerns. Prophets. Specifically President Thomas
S. Monson being the Living Prophet. We invited him to pray about a
specific date for baptism and we asked them to watch "Joseph Smith:
Prophet of the Restoration." Next we're going to ask them to see '"On
the Lord's Errand: Thomas S. Monson". Both very good videos.

Well! I hope you all have had a wonderful week!

Zone Bowling
District Temple Photo
Xtra Tuf: I am a true Alaskan now. Every one has these shoes.