22 February 2016

February 15 , 2016 Valentines Day

Happy Valentines everyone! We spent our at a regional broadcast. And
ate dinner with the Killpack family. They went all out! Had cordon
bleu and had a competition of who could eat the asparagus in one bite
;) Kids and their veggies.

Eagle River Valley had a stellar party! It was a dinner, show, and
family dance. (We left for the family dance. Cause were not allowed to
dance or listen to anything but hymns...) Gary came!! So that was fun
:) The Bishopric lip synced to "Hope of Israel". It was HILARIOUS!
I'll include a photo.

We also went tracting. Talked to some very interesting people. I think
the most interesting was this man. "Those who believe the Mormon
religion will have their day of reckoning." That's not very nice....
He said it In the most serious voice. Than he wanted to talk about the
weather. Well sir you basically insulted us. I think we probably
should just get off your porch now. Tracting is very interesting.
Mostly just weird things happen. I once was offered a cat... Good ol
inlet view.

We taught Robert twice this week! So we have officially finished all
the lesson points. But we're going to run over the commandments in one
big visual. I'll include a photo. It's hard to describe. But it's
awesome! Robert is so close :)

We also helped Sister Lund make some valentines cards.

We had zone meeting. Not to many changes. Non that really affect our
companionship. It was nice to see everyone. It was also very strange
to realize I'm one of the oldest ones there. WEIRD!! Kinda makes sense
since I go home next month....

We also had interviews. Which is funny! Since it's basically like a
prep for my final interview.

Over all this was a pretty good week! I'd say.