22 February 2016

February 22 , 2016 zone bowling, temple, prophets, and Alaskan tuf

Last p day we did some zone bowling. I have learned that I am no good
at bowling. You know in the movies where there's that one bowler that
goes up to bowl and the bowling ball ends up racing behind them? Well
that happened to me. I basically vowed last p day that I should
probably no longer bowl. Just for the public safety.

We got to attend the Temple this week! I LOVE the temple. The
Anchorage temple is so small. It was actually the first small one
built by through the direction of President Gordon B. Hinckley. And it
actually has been added onto. It's still tiny though. I really enjoyed

This week I got sick. Real sick. I woke up on Thursday and felt like
death was knocking on my door. Sister Taylor, our mission nurse,
declared that I had to stay in. I'm actually still recovering from
what ever I caught. But we still had a missionary miracle! Bro Hopson
texted us and asked if we'd come over Monday (today) and teach a
lesson to an "investigator."? Ahh YES!! Not sure who the
"investigator" is that he's referring to. But we're excited!

It has been extremely icy here. In fact church was cancelled yesterday
& the Zone Leaders declared it an ice day. So we went home and did
studies. Than since ice days mean you can't leave the apartment unless
you have a set appointment we just took a Nap and wrote in our
journals and such. I was grateful. Because I still don't feel well. So
it was nice to have some time to take another nap. I should feel
better tomorrow. I hope!

We did get to see Sister Dirkes this week. Finally! It's been FOREVER!
She is doing somewhat well. (She has a lot of health problems.) we
shared a video called "None were with him." It's about the Savior and
his Atonement. Because the Savior went through the Atonement alone for
all of us it means that we don't have to go through and trial or and
joy alone. But that we always have some one beside us who knows &
understands. It has a narration by The Apostle Jeffery R. Holland.
It's a great video. It's on LDS.org if you're interested.

We also saw Robert. We ran back over the commandments. We were able to
find out some of his concerns. Prophets. Specifically President Thomas
S. Monson being the Living Prophet. We invited him to pray about a
specific date for baptism and we asked them to watch "Joseph Smith:
Prophet of the Restoration." Next we're going to ask them to see '"On
the Lord's Errand: Thomas S. Monson". Both very good videos.

Well! I hope you all have had a wonderful week!

Zone Bowling
District Temple Photo
Xtra Tuf: I am a true Alaskan now. Every one has these shoes.

February 15 , 2016 Valentines Day

Happy Valentines everyone! We spent our at a regional broadcast. And
ate dinner with the Killpack family. They went all out! Had cordon
bleu and had a competition of who could eat the asparagus in one bite
;) Kids and their veggies.

Eagle River Valley had a stellar party! It was a dinner, show, and
family dance. (We left for the family dance. Cause were not allowed to
dance or listen to anything but hymns...) Gary came!! So that was fun
:) The Bishopric lip synced to "Hope of Israel". It was HILARIOUS!
I'll include a photo.

We also went tracting. Talked to some very interesting people. I think
the most interesting was this man. "Those who believe the Mormon
religion will have their day of reckoning." That's not very nice....
He said it In the most serious voice. Than he wanted to talk about the
weather. Well sir you basically insulted us. I think we probably
should just get off your porch now. Tracting is very interesting.
Mostly just weird things happen. I once was offered a cat... Good ol
inlet view.

We taught Robert twice this week! So we have officially finished all
the lesson points. But we're going to run over the commandments in one
big visual. I'll include a photo. It's hard to describe. But it's
awesome! Robert is so close :)

We also helped Sister Lund make some valentines cards.

We had zone meeting. Not to many changes. Non that really affect our
companionship. It was nice to see everyone. It was also very strange
to realize I'm one of the oldest ones there. WEIRD!! Kinda makes sense
since I go home next month....

We also had interviews. Which is funny! Since it's basically like a
prep for my final interview.

Over all this was a pretty good week! I'd say.

12 February 2016

February 8 , 2016 #hardwork

Well, we had Transfers. Sister Gardner and I are together for my final
transfer!! And oh boy have we had some wild experiences and crazy
miracles already!

Last p day we had a zone hike to a Russian Temple Prayer building. The
hike was actually a 15 min walk. It's a very small prayer place. But
it was fun to see how other people worship.

Earlier in the week Eagle River Valley had a relief society activity.
Brother Killpack is a therapist for the military. He came and spoke to
everyone. We had two nonmembers come! Sherri & Jackie. It was
amazing. Brother Killpack did a wonderful job :)

First off Katie, who Sister Price and I had been trying to meet for
forever, has been coming to church pretty regularly. We weren't sure
if she was a member or not. And turns out she isn't. She asked Bishop
Parks if she could be baptized!!! Right now we're just waiting on her
to get her parents permission. MIRACLE!! Another is The Betz's friend
Matt asked if he to could take the lessons! He might live in Meadow
Creek's boundaries so we're figuring all that out.... Miracles are
happening in Eagle River!

On transfer day, we went to visit people in one of my old areas, Jewel
Lake. So that was fun! Talked to Sister Pettijohn and Sister Bagley.
One is the relief society president and the other is a sweet old lady
we used to visit weekly. Oh, I have missed that area!

We had a declared ice day this week. We were headed to hang at the
church till our correlation. (Ice days you must go in unless you have
a set lesson. But the next lesson was only 45 mins till and we didn't
want to get to our house and just drive back.) as we were on our way
to the church we rounded a corner and found a truck stuck- blocking
the road. It was too slick for us to get out and push. And since we
have a rule where your companion must back you we just sent some
prayers up since we were basically useless. Then another car comes
around the bend (opposite direction than us) and out jumps Brother
Stewart (ward mission leader for Eagle River Valley Ward). He starts
trying to help and the neighbor comes out with salt. We hop out and
volunteer to be weight in the bed of the truck. So there we are, in
skirts, sitting in a soaked truck bed while it's raining. And that's
how Sister Gardner met Brother Stewart. (The correlation was actually
at his house! HAHA). The truck did eventually move and all was well.

I hit 17 months this week! WAHOO!

I hope you all have had a wonderful week!
Sister Thacker

01 February 2016

The Book of Mormon is the Word of God

Well this week has been a pretty interesting one! We got our transfer
calls. Sister Price is headed back home to Tennessee & I'm staying and
Sister Gardner is coming. (Heading from Anchorage, has been out less
than a year.) Can you believe this is the last transfer?? AHH

We taught Robert & and his cute family this week :) It went very well.
They just bought a new house in Chugiak! Luckily that's still in our
zone so when Robert gets baptized I could still attend. But I think
they'll be our ward for a while. They are planning to make some
improvements on it. He's almost done with all the lessons.

We also had a Relief Society (the name of the organization in the
church specifically for women) activity in Mt. Baldy ward, the
"Women's Forum." They had some Doctor from Anchorage come and talk
about nutrition, stress management, love and support and how those all
tie together.It was pretty long... We'd invited a bunch of people to
it. Only one came. But she clicked with some people so it turned out
to be worth it. I hurt my back on the way to the activity, I fell on
the ice- cracked an inch of ice with my back, oh it hurt! So it was
nice to sit on a couch for a bit during the presentation... It's still
aching. But I've been putting a heating pad on it. So no worries!

We helped Sister McMullen make some baked goods. She volunteered to
make the food for a Samoan funeral. One of her family members un
expectedly passed. So we made loads of frosting & some cake pops for
her. Let's just say there wasn't enough to time to make everything.

We saw the Youngs!!! They're still trying to "make their decision" but
they said they're getting closer. So that's good :) It was more of a
"hey can we meet up? Sister Price is leaving for home this week." We
ended up teaching about temples and eternal families. It went amazing!

Every Sunday night we go to the Asings and read a chapter of the Book
Of Mormon with them. After 3-5 years (they can't remember when they
started) they finally finished!!!!! We'll now be reading the New
Testament with them Sunday nights.

Well everyone! I hope you all have been doing well. I made a goal at
the beginning of my mission to continually read The Book of Mormon
from front to cover as many times as I could. I'm in 2 Nephi of my
10th reading. This time I'm studying every time the Lord says
"remember" and when the people forget. I challenge you all to make a
goal of just a few verses a day. I know that it will bless your life.
It will help you feel the love your Savior has for you. Heavenly
Father loves each one of us. He's given us tools to help us gain
further knowledge of His plan for us.

I love you all!

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Anchorage AK, 99502

Exchanges with Sister Johnstun
There is some pretty rad wildlife here :)
Coat racks Alaskan style.