19 January 2016

The Gospel is True!

Last p day we were able to go to the busiest small aircraft tower!
Merrill tower :) it was a blast. I absolutely loved it! We were able
to go up and into the inside of the tower. All the air traffic
controllers turned their sound on so we could hear the radio calls. We
even saw a few land including a helicopter.

We had zone meeting this week! There are some major changes to the
mission. For example no more transfer meeting. (A time where the
entire mission would gather together and we had the opportunity to
hear the departing missionaries testimonies.) It's no longer held
because the Church decided it was not effective or something. We gave
a training on finding the "elect", those who are actually interested
in changing and fully committed to living the Gospel and the
principles of Jesus Christ. I think it went fairly well.

We were browsing through past investigators and decided to try and re
contact a few. We met Jackie! She welcomed us right in. She has
friends in the area and apparently she was planning on attending the
institute class they're holding at the Eagle River Valley building.
She had photos from our Church of the Savior. Golden!

We had a family home evening with the Luafulu family. It was awesome!
First time I've met all 9 of their children. We talked about what we
do as missionaries and ended in a Testimony meeting. Than we ate

We had our lesson with Robert! He is ready for the Gospel. They've
been doing the Stake's 100 day Book of Mormon Challenge. We had two
lessons this week. The Restoration (How the Church "came to be") and
Plan of Salvation (where we came from, why we're here on earth, and
where we go after we die.) It went so well!

We also were finally able to teach a referral we received. They've
been SUPER busy! They're this adorable Russian family. They speak
English fairly well. They are so happy! I've never heard a group of
people laugh so much. They asked questions about Joseph Smith, the
Book of Mormon, and the usually miscommunication people hear. They
asked for the Book of Mormon before we even offered it! It was
amazing. And we ended in a prayer. They live an interesting religion.
It doesn't' really have a name they say. I think because it's
something they've created. So the ending prayer was interesting.....

We were able to do some service with Sister Lund. We made some cards
and on a different day we helped some one in Arctic Valley clean in
preparation to move to Washington.

We also saw Gary. We found out why he isn't coming to Church. Turns
out he was "put off" by something someone said to him. So I bore my
testimony on how the "Gospel is true. But the people aren't." We're
all sinners. You can't base the church off the sinners who attend. You
have to base the church of what the outcome is, what it teaches, and
how you feel about the gospel truths. The Church isn't a place for the
perfect. It's a hospital for the spiritually ill.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!