04 January 2016

Happy New Year 2016


Our New Years was pretty bland... We were required by the mission to
be in by 7pm... And we just read talks & told funny stories. Than I
went to bed at 930pm...

This week has been pretty exciting! The Youngs are praying about a
baptismal date :) praying about Jan 30 to be exact. They both refer to
us as their "Shepherds" who are guiding them through all this. Which
is true! They came to church this week for the 3rd time & stayed for
all 3 meetings. We've already taught them the Restoration, Plan of
Salvation (which they just loved!), and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We
are meeting with them again tomorrow to teach The Word of Wisdom
(which is a health code God has given us.), Following the Prophet,
praying, & reading their scriptures. Should be a good lesson! Since
the times for church has changed it was the perfect opportunity to
integrate them into the right ward, Eagle River Valley ward.

We also had a crazy dinner with Brother Peck & the Greens. Needless to
say he forgot, Bro Peck. Even though he'd been calling the Greens
daily to remind them. (He's a bit forgetful. He's just aging.) We it
was a whirlwind. We're only supposed to have 1 hour dinners. But since
he forgot and the wind was blowing like crazy! It took forever to
grill up the steaks. We also had halibut & shrimp. Super good!
Although the steak made both Sister Price & I queasy. Because it had
been "thawing" for over an hour. For sitting on a plate on the stove
top.... Not sure why it was on the stove top seemed a bit dangerous to
me. I'm just grateful that the Greens came because they're good
friends of his and feel comfortable. I'm pretty worried about him
now... But at least he has a bunch of meet to eat now....

We also had a miracle at Garcia's. Garcia's is a Mexican restaurant we
went there for dinner with members, the Nisongers. (For all those who
know I don't digest spicy week I ordered an American Chicken sandwich.
Yes... I'm that person.) We were all talking when I looked across the
room & I saw our investigator, Gary, walking towards the bar. "It's
Gary!" We had an empty seat at our table so we quickly checked before
heading over to see if he was alone. And he was! Another plus is he
wasn't drinking!! Said he has a friend who works the bar. So he came
and joined us.

Well it's official. It's been so icy here the Mission had an ice day
for all of Eagle River. We borrowed the Smith's ice cleats. Cause
honestly driving wasn't to bad because we have studded tires & I know
how to drive in bad weather. But getting out and trying to walk to
people's door was a challenge! Super grateful the Smiths were home
(bathroom break) & they lent us the cleats. They're a life saver. The
ice has practically melted. So it's not a winter scary land any more.

I hope you all had a wonderful safe New Years!

Oh I also hit 16 months as a missionary :) Cheers!

Making any resolutions?

Love you all!
Here's our Christmas tree before we take it down :)