25 January 2016

Earthquake rocking my world!

7.1 earthquake at 130 am. Quite a wake up call! It basically just
rocked me back to sleep... It was very strange. The only thing it
really jostled in our apartment was our shampoos. Fell right on the
floor. Our apartment is pretty barren as far as decorations go. I've
heard about every one else's experience. And I feel a bit bad that I
just went back to sleep. But once you lose sleep here you never get it

We visited Sherri, a former investigator, her son, who joined the
church a little over a year ago, left on his mission about a month
ago. So she had lots of questions about the Missionary Training Center
& about arriving in a new area. Questions on rules and all sorts of
things. It was a great visit, "If you had come any earlier I probably
wouldn't have let you in. I've been an emotional wreck."

We also had a World Wide Missionary Training Broadcast in replace of
studies this week. That was pretty interesting. The main thing I took
away from that is the Church does more than make bad men good and good
men better. It also happened to be in the first chapel I ever served
in! That was fun to look back on some good old memories.

We were able to teach Robert this week the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He
asked us how past people we've taught knew when to be baptized. We
talked about prayer and fasting. (Where you go two consecutive meals
without food or drink for a special purpose. It shows your willingness
to God.) We also invited them to attend the Young Single Adults
baptism of Alex. And they came!! I made sure they had a good view of
the font. Here in Eagle River the font is in the mother's lounge. I'm
not sure whose idea that was.. But it sure can be a challenge.

We also had Sisters Training. The last one ever! They are officially
canceled. But this one was pretty good. It was all about self worth &
so forth. We were able to get one last Alaska Anchorage Sister
Missionary group photo. Exciting! Haha

The Youngs were out of town this past week, Seward. But we called them
on Saturday & basically it sounded as if they'd dropped us :( which is
way to sad!! But than, get this, they came to church on Sunday! The
wrong ward. They came at 9. Luckily we cover both wards :) It was a
bit shocking. Guess they're still deciding.

Over all this was a wonderful week!

Also Happy 91st Birthday Grandma!