12 January 2016


Oh my goodness! Robert (is part of a part member family) called and
asked to be taught the discussions. He already comes to all 3 meetings
of church & is doing the Book of Mormon in 100 days (finish right
before General Conference. It's a stake challenge.) YAY!!! We are
seeing them tonight. I can not wait!

We also had a General Authority, tour our mission. He came and spoke
to our zone along with Wasilla zone. It was a long meeting. He just
talked about teaching the "elect" and stuff. He wouldn't let us take
notes. So I don't actually remember a lot. Oh well.

We did get to attend the Temple this week! It was wonderful :) I LOVE
the temple. We went as a district. Than we went out to eat with some
Sisters in Anchorage.

We visited Lori. She actually lives in Meadow Creek's boundaries. But
has a thing against men. She told us "I could never be a Mormon."
Which is so SAD. Because she has based our religion on the people
within the Gospel not on the actual doctrine. You can't expect the
members to be perfect... That's why we all attend church. Because non
of us are. We all NEED the Sacrament. We all need Christ's atoning

We visited with the Youngs again. They're actually attending the ward
they live in now. And already have friends in it, the Goldburgs. We
taught them about following the prophet, baptism, priesthood, and Word
of Wisdom (a law of health). It was an interesting lesson needless to
say... The Goldburgs invited a lot of people... It was more of a
party/ get together thing than anything else... Not sure we'll do that
big of a group again.... But it still went fairly well :)

In fact The Youngs have a friend, Matt, who works at Merrill Tower.
And he's going to give us a TOUR OF THE AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL TOWER
TODAY!!! I am so EXCITED!! Harry is a pilot & just loves the idea that
I want to be ATC. We're going today at 3. I'm stoked :)

We also got in contact with the Fishburns. Part member family. Super
nice! Sister Fishburn actually worked in Antartica.  Doing
experiments. She did two 13 month stints there and than a 3 month
stint. Isn't that crazy! She showed us an aerial view of the facility
she worked at :) they have air traffic controllers there. Wouldn't'
that be cool ;)

This week has been pretty fun I'd say :) hope you all had a great one.
I'm just starting 3 Nephi, in the Book of Mormon, when Christ comes to
visit the Americas.

Our district at the Temple.