10 December 2015

Where's a mans watch?

Last p day we all went to bear mountains investigators home for a
chili feast! Turns out I'd actually met them when I was serving in
Fairbanks. So it was fun to reconnect with them.

We also went on exchanges. I was with Sister Dall in ocean view (south
anchorage). It was quite a lot of fun. We shared the church's new
Christmas video with everyone! If you haven't seen it. It's a must !
It's called "A Savior is Born". You can find it on
Christmas.mormon.org. And I'm sure it's on YouTube and Facebook as
well. I love that video. It's a great reminder to put Christ back into
Christmas. It's easy to get  caught up in presents and just the hustle
and bustle. But the true meaning of Christmas is the Savior. alma
11:40 ( in The Book of Mormon) it talks about why the Savior came " to
save us from all our sins. All our sadnesses." ( "A Savior is Born"
video). It's wonderful!

We also attended mount baldy and eagle River valleys relief
society(the women of the church)  Christmas parties. They were a

We helped out the senior center this week. They needed to people to
assist some of the elderly with their shopping. Sister price and I
helped Joanna. She's a sweet lady. She didn't want anything on the
list they gave us.... Hahah. She kept asking EVERYONE for a mans
watch. Haha that and safety pins. She was a sweet lady :)

I hope you've all had a chance to watch the Christmas devotional from
the First Presidency! It was just an hour and 15 mins. Some the
highlights for me were: it's a stellar want to end a fast ( where you
go without food and drink for 2 consecutive meals for a purpose), to
hear the Mormon tabernacle choir sing "carol of the bells", and I
really want noted President Uchtdorfs talk on gratitude. Especially
the story where he tells about a man in Africa who has spent his whole
life without the use of his legs. President Uchtdorf explains the
moment of when the man finally receives a wheelchair. Oh the freedom
he felt and the tears of gratitude he shed.

I also hit 15 months!!

I love you all and I hope you're having a wonderful Christmas season.