16 November 2015

Sister Thacker, November 16, 2015

Well we had transfers! I'm with Sister Price in Eagle River. We cover
2 wards. Eagle River Valley and Mt. Baldy. Still getting used to it
all! Church was a huge help in placing people into what ward they
belong .... For everyone who says 3 hours of church is far to long,
try being in my shoes we have 5 hours ... But it all moves pretty
quickly :)

We had a miracle this week with Amanda. Amanda is a potential
investigator. We kind of had a "do or die" approach. She's been
avoiding the sisters... But we saw that she was home and she actually
answered! Told us to try her this weekend :) she smiled when she saw
us. Yay!

And Alaska is finally cold! We hit -3 this week. But it's foretasted

to warm up ....

Sorry for the lack of photos and voice recording ... There isn't a
regular computer to use in eagle river ( the library is closed on
Mondays) so I'm stuck using this iPad. I'm buying a chord later today!

Hope you all are doing well. I just finished Alma In The Book of Mormon!