09 November 2015

"If you hit a moose, hit him in the butt!!"

Hit 14 months!!
Received our transfer calls. Sister Bangerter is staying in Colony with Sister Albrcht.And I'm going to Eagle River (15 mins ish away). With Sister Price. We were in the MTC Together!
We FINALLY saw the Northern Lights. I have been searching for them my entire mission!! They were beautiful. Sadly our cameras were not that great. And couldn't pick them up....
We've been able to teach a lot of lessons this week!! Which is AMAZING!! :) Getting to say good bye to people gives us a great excuse to call on people multiple times a week. A miracle we saw is that Sister Pigg finally came to church!! She has a lot of health problems but has been feeling so much better. And she came to Sacrament (the first meeting on Sunday. It's a time where we meet together as a congregation and partake of the Sacrament, blesses bread and water. Which is in remembrance of the Savior & to renew our faith in our baptismal promises.) I love Sister Pigg. She is amazing! She has so many life experiences :)
This week we've been showing lots of people a Bible Video that is a summary of the Saviors life and his sacrifice for us, the Atonement. Its really a neat video. The Spirit really testifies very strongly during it. We've been talking about how the Savior helps us to make changes in our lives. That we can learn about him through so many different avenues. Scripture reading, praying, and church attendance. But there are a multitude of ways to grow your faith in the Savior. And I just invite you all to pick one! Whether thats saying more heart felt prayers, doing more service, or acting kinder. What ever you may choose I know that it can change your life & help you to become more the Jesus Christ. 

To explain why this email is called "if you hit a moose hit him in the butt!!" is from a non member named Robb. We just took a picture with him & his wife :) He gives us all sorts of neat tips.
I love you all! Hope you are doing well. 

Its snowing!! 
With Bishop Weed and his family. Sorry its so dark!