02 November 2015


The Colony ward has a Halloween Party. Surprisingly (because it was created so last minute) a lot of people came. Sadly non of our investigators came but a lot of members invited people! There was pumpkin carving and they had set up the classrooms as "houses". So lots of candy was given :)

We also had to chance to drive to Anchorage (45 minutes drive) to the Temple. Oh it was wonderful! It's such a blessing to be in the house of the Lord. The Anchorage temple is way small. But its so beautiful!

We also met with Fran this week! We thought we'd have to do some repair (cause last lesson the member the Elders brought talked a lot!) but she wanted the "Brother Missionaries" to come as well. (Fran is actually in a different ward, the Elders ward.) So the Elders came along. We talked about the Atonement, where Christ suffered and died for us. The spirit was so strong. Fran has a strong testimony of Christ & his Atonement.

Halloween was a lot of fun! Holidays are really hard for us because people want to only spend time with their families. We had to be in at 7 pm anyways. But we met, as district, at the Castelmans. We made cookies to help strengthen our investigators. It was a lot of fun! We gave them to Tommi & the Parkers.
over all this has been a great week! i hope you are all doing well. :) Also the SNOW has come!!
love you!

Our district at the Temple
Happy Halloween!