23 November 2015

"Bear naked bear story"

This week has been super eventful! We lost our phone this week. Well I

lost it. I never realized how much we used that thing to connect with

people till it was gone.... We searched high and low for it. Never

found it. We've come to the conclusion that a moose ran off with it.

Because I seriously have NO IDEA where it is. But we did get a


We also attended the temple this week! I love the temple. Especially

anchorage. It's one of the smallest ones :) the spirit is always so

strong there.

Eagle River valley had a ward pie night to kick off thanksgiving. So

many pies! We spent all morning inviting people to attend.  There was

a huge turnout. It was wonderful! I also got to meet some the ward.

Which is always nice.

This week we've been sharing a thought on gratitude. The church came

out with this video in NYC a few years ago. It's called "the spirit of

thanksgiving". I love it! We've been inviting everyone to say a

gratitude prayer. So I just invite you all to do that. It's a amazing

all the things you can come up with. From material things,

experiences, to the spiritual things. Heavenly Father has blessed us

in countless ways.