30 November 2015

Artichoke and fry sauce, Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving was the best! We did TONS of service. Helping people get
ready for their thanksgiving. We helped the Lunds, Oldhams, and Sister
Goff.for the Lunds we framed thank you cards, the Oldhams I cut up a
couple of pineapples, and sister gods we vacuumed, swept, cooked
cookies, and I cut up tons of boxes to be recycled. We ate with the
Cardier, Galloways, and Sister Schmitt. The Cardiers are usually
vegetarians. But they decided to have a turkey anyways. We had so many
pies and drew lots of pictures of turkeys :)
Last p day we had a once activity we went bowling!

We helped out in primary this week in the mount baldy Ward. We talked about the Good Samaritan. Jr. primary drew pictures of themselves doing service and for senior primary we showed a video called " an extraordinary gift". It's a Mormon message about a young man who is a piano prodigy. He can play any piece of music just by listening to it twice. He is also blind. In the video we hear the testimony of one of his friends about the service he does for others. People come to church early just to hear him play! It's amazing how service an change us. "when your in the service of your fellowmen your really in the service of your God."

So to explain the artichokes and fry sauce! That's actually one of the meals we had this week. And it was delicious!!! We just peeled the leaves off and dipped the soft end into some sauce (everyone else had some kinda spicy fry sauce .....I opted for the non spicy ). it was really really good :)

I hope you all have had a wonderful thanksgiving! It's a wonderful time to reflect of what you're grateful for :)

Love you all! And hope you are doing well.

Still working on getting a chord for voice recordings & pictures. Walmart doesn't sell them :(