30 November 2015

Artichoke and fry sauce, Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving was the best! We did TONS of service. Helping people get
ready for their thanksgiving. We helped the Lunds, Oldhams, and Sister
Goff.for the Lunds we framed thank you cards, the Oldhams I cut up a
couple of pineapples, and sister gods we vacuumed, swept, cooked
cookies, and I cut up tons of boxes to be recycled. We ate with the
Cardier, Galloways, and Sister Schmitt. The Cardiers are usually
vegetarians. But they decided to have a turkey anyways. We had so many
pies and drew lots of pictures of turkeys :)
Last p day we had a once activity we went bowling!

We helped out in primary this week in the mount baldy Ward. We talked about the Good Samaritan. Jr. primary drew pictures of themselves doing service and for senior primary we showed a video called " an extraordinary gift". It's a Mormon message about a young man who is a piano prodigy. He can play any piece of music just by listening to it twice. He is also blind. In the video we hear the testimony of one of his friends about the service he does for others. People come to church early just to hear him play! It's amazing how service an change us. "when your in the service of your fellowmen your really in the service of your God."

So to explain the artichokes and fry sauce! That's actually one of the meals we had this week. And it was delicious!!! We just peeled the leaves off and dipped the soft end into some sauce (everyone else had some kinda spicy fry sauce .....I opted for the non spicy ). it was really really good :)

I hope you all have had a wonderful thanksgiving! It's a wonderful time to reflect of what you're grateful for :)

Love you all! And hope you are doing well.

Still working on getting a chord for voice recordings & pictures. Walmart doesn't sell them :(

23 November 2015

"Bear naked bear story"

This week has been super eventful! We lost our phone this week. Well I

lost it. I never realized how much we used that thing to connect with

people till it was gone.... We searched high and low for it. Never

found it. We've come to the conclusion that a moose ran off with it.

Because I seriously have NO IDEA where it is. But we did get a


We also attended the temple this week! I love the temple. Especially

anchorage. It's one of the smallest ones :) the spirit is always so

strong there.

Eagle River valley had a ward pie night to kick off thanksgiving. So

many pies! We spent all morning inviting people to attend.  There was

a huge turnout. It was wonderful! I also got to meet some the ward.

Which is always nice.

This week we've been sharing a thought on gratitude. The church came

out with this video in NYC a few years ago. It's called "the spirit of

thanksgiving". I love it! We've been inviting everyone to say a

gratitude prayer. So I just invite you all to do that. It's a amazing

all the things you can come up with. From material things,

experiences, to the spiritual things. Heavenly Father has blessed us

in countless ways.

16 November 2015

Sister Thacker, November 16, 2015

Well we had transfers! I'm with Sister Price in Eagle River. We cover
2 wards. Eagle River Valley and Mt. Baldy. Still getting used to it
all! Church was a huge help in placing people into what ward they
belong .... For everyone who says 3 hours of church is far to long,
try being in my shoes we have 5 hours ... But it all moves pretty
quickly :)

We had a miracle this week with Amanda. Amanda is a potential
investigator. We kind of had a "do or die" approach. She's been
avoiding the sisters... But we saw that she was home and she actually
answered! Told us to try her this weekend :) she smiled when she saw
us. Yay!

And Alaska is finally cold! We hit -3 this week. But it's foretasted

to warm up ....

Sorry for the lack of photos and voice recording ... There isn't a
regular computer to use in eagle river ( the library is closed on
Mondays) so I'm stuck using this iPad. I'm buying a chord later today!

Hope you all are doing well. I just finished Alma In The Book of Mormon!

09 November 2015

"If you hit a moose, hit him in the butt!!"

Hit 14 months!!
Received our transfer calls. Sister Bangerter is staying in Colony with Sister Albrcht.And I'm going to Eagle River (15 mins ish away). With Sister Price. We were in the MTC Together!
We FINALLY saw the Northern Lights. I have been searching for them my entire mission!! They were beautiful. Sadly our cameras were not that great. And couldn't pick them up....
We've been able to teach a lot of lessons this week!! Which is AMAZING!! :) Getting to say good bye to people gives us a great excuse to call on people multiple times a week. A miracle we saw is that Sister Pigg finally came to church!! She has a lot of health problems but has been feeling so much better. And she came to Sacrament (the first meeting on Sunday. It's a time where we meet together as a congregation and partake of the Sacrament, blesses bread and water. Which is in remembrance of the Savior & to renew our faith in our baptismal promises.) I love Sister Pigg. She is amazing! She has so many life experiences :)
This week we've been showing lots of people a Bible Video that is a summary of the Saviors life and his sacrifice for us, the Atonement. Its really a neat video. The Spirit really testifies very strongly during it. We've been talking about how the Savior helps us to make changes in our lives. That we can learn about him through so many different avenues. Scripture reading, praying, and church attendance. But there are a multitude of ways to grow your faith in the Savior. And I just invite you all to pick one! Whether thats saying more heart felt prayers, doing more service, or acting kinder. What ever you may choose I know that it can change your life & help you to become more the Jesus Christ. 

To explain why this email is called "if you hit a moose hit him in the butt!!" is from a non member named Robb. We just took a picture with him & his wife :) He gives us all sorts of neat tips.
I love you all! Hope you are doing well. 

Its snowing!! 
With Bishop Weed and his family. Sorry its so dark!

02 November 2015


The Colony ward has a Halloween Party. Surprisingly (because it was created so last minute) a lot of people came. Sadly non of our investigators came but a lot of members invited people! There was pumpkin carving and they had set up the classrooms as "houses". So lots of candy was given :)

We also had to chance to drive to Anchorage (45 minutes drive) to the Temple. Oh it was wonderful! It's such a blessing to be in the house of the Lord. The Anchorage temple is way small. But its so beautiful!

We also met with Fran this week! We thought we'd have to do some repair (cause last lesson the member the Elders brought talked a lot!) but she wanted the "Brother Missionaries" to come as well. (Fran is actually in a different ward, the Elders ward.) So the Elders came along. We talked about the Atonement, where Christ suffered and died for us. The spirit was so strong. Fran has a strong testimony of Christ & his Atonement.

Halloween was a lot of fun! Holidays are really hard for us because people want to only spend time with their families. We had to be in at 7 pm anyways. But we met, as district, at the Castelmans. We made cookies to help strengthen our investigators. It was a lot of fun! We gave them to Tommi & the Parkers.
over all this has been a great week! i hope you are all doing well. :) Also the SNOW has come!!
love you!

Our district at the Temple
Happy Halloween!