05 October 2015

transfers, Muk Tuk, Women's conf. September 28, 2015

This week has been pretty interesting! 

Sister McGee & I both had dreams about Sister Razavi. Poor Sister McGee sometimes sleep talks. I guess a couple of days ago she got out of bed, crawled over to the hole (I sleep downstairs because the bedroom is to small for me.), & yelled "Sister Thacker I talked to Sister Razavi & she's doing okay." Than she got back into bed. Needless to say we had a good laugh. A few days later I dreamt that Sister Razavi texted us and told us she got a job interview. I told my comps that. Needless to say Sister McGee got confused and announced that to Ward Council. It was really funny! Considering I than explained I had that dream while I was sleeping...... 

We also got to try a native delicacy. Its called Muk Tuk (not sure if I even spelled that right.) But its basically whale blubber. I actually swallowed it! (my companions chickened and spat it out!) It was .... not my favorite. 

We also attended the General Womens session. Fran & Kelly both came!!! Which was really exciting :) 

We also only have 2 lessons left to teach Cora! I'm so excited. She's praying about a baptismal date  still :) 

We also got Transfers. Sister McGee is off to Fairbanks, Sister Bybee to North Anchorage YSA, & i'm staying in Colony. Sister Bangerter is coming over! We're reunited! :) 

I hope you all are having a wonderful week! 

love you all :) 

also the computer is having problems attaching files! Sorry!