05 October 2015

Heathly, Baptims, Picture miracle September 7th, 2015

alright sorry this is so late! Happy (late) Labor day to everyone. 

So last week I made a major mistake.... dum dum doo! I accidentally left my USB in the computer. The USB that has ALL my mission photos. ALL of them!! The mission office called me and said that I'd left it ... and I thought "me? oh no. I'd never." so i searched my bag, just to be sure. And sure enough. After a tiny freak out. I ran to every floor of the library. And As i'm freaking out, a man comes up to me. "are you Sister Thacker? I found your USB its down a floor." Of course I am! I thanked him a lot. And i'll admit it I cried. Miracle people! MIRACLE. Who spends their 1 hr computer time looking at someones photo, googling the Alaska mission office number, & actually calling it??? He's either a member or just a really REALLY good person. 

I also did Baptisms for the dead. (where those who have passed away & haven't been baptized. now have the opportunity through proxy to be baptized. We know that baptism is the first saving ordinance & can only happen here on earth. And that's why its important to do your family work!). Oh my goodness!! I have watched 6 people on my mission accept the Gospel. Which has been a huge blessing. But to to actually be the proxy. All i can is say AMAAAZING!! I have missed it! I've missed doing Baptisms. 

I've decided to show you all what a basic day in my life is like- at the moment.