26 October 2015

"My Little Sisters in Christ."- Fran October 19, 2015

We hike the Butte! Its in Palmer AK. Its actually quite fun but really hard..... Lets just say I still feel the Butte. President Robinson gave us permission to go on mini exchanges. Because Sister Bangerter isn't allowed to hike, she hurt her ankles a couple of months ago. So Sister Rose & I teamed up! Along with the rest of the zone. 

We also went on exchanges. Sister Johonstun and I stayed in Colony. Sister Johohnstun has only been out a transfer longer than me. We had a lot of fun. Cora had her interview!! So that was super exciting. We also visited with the Parkers (investigators), The Wolcotts (she was the missionary who taught Liam so he could be baptized), & the cute Moffats (actives). It was a really full day!! 

We had Zone Conf, which is when all the missionaries in Palmer & Wasilla come together. Plus Valdeaz & Willow. And we receive trainings on how to be more effective missionaries. Its very uplifting! The main thing that stood out was Being Bold. Whether that is with ourselves, investigators, extending invitations, or just helping people. 

Kelly & Connor texted us and told us they would like to baptized before Dec 14!! We can totally help with that :) We are stopping by later today. We're planning on reviewing the Restoration (its be 2 months since they last heard it.) & ask them to pray for a specific date! 

We also visited with Fran. Fran lives in Matanuska ward. So those elders came along with us. They brought some members from their ward. Let's just say the member basically took control. It was quite awkward.... I was able to jump in a few times. But mostly I was cut off & interrupted.... We're are seeing her Tuesday though! "I love my little sisters in Christ.". 

We also had Stake conference ( when the members & those who are interested come together for one big adult meeting & a large meeting on Sunday. People from the congregation are invited). Most of it was on Marriage. Which was interesting considering i'm not married. But I am helping families become eternal families. 

I hope you all have been doing well! I have. This week has been a full one. 
PS: Cora gets baptized on Saturday at 6! 


On top the Butte with some of the district. 
Group district picture at Zone Conference.