26 October 2015

Cora's Baptism!!!

Cora was baptized by immersion on Oct 24!!! And was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Oct 25 :) We filled the font so we were at the church most of saturday. It takes a couple of hours & we promised it would be warm water. It was amazing! The Elders came & watched the font for about 20 mins while we grabbed dinner before Cora & Audrey arrived. Audrey was also baptized on the 24. She shared a baptismal service with Cora. It was a blessing to be able to witness that. Cora has such a strong testimony. Its been incredible to witness it grow even more. I gave the talk on Baptism. It was a bit nerve racking considering I realized during the prayer that I never turned the font off!! So before I spoke I quickly ran in there to turn it off.... really embarrassing. But luckily the talk went well!! We also were able to attend Settlers Bay's sacrament meeting (it was at a different time than our wards.) to witness Cora's confirmation, receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost as your constant companion. Audrey was confirmed during the Baptismal Service.
We also visited Sister Gregory. She is a returning less active. She just moved into a trailer. It is seriously the nicest trailer I have ever seen!! She also got a new job & her daughter is living with her again. Sister Gregory is a really sweet lady. She's also a foster parent!
We visited the Doctors for Sister Bangerter's ankle. She hurt it a couple months back & its still healing.
Last P-day we played board games as a district. It was alot of fun!! We're going up Hatchers Pass today. Just going to walk around. Can't really do to many fun hikes because of her bad ankles... but we'll do what we can!!
This week has been very fun! This coming week we are attending the Temple & its Halloween. YAY! We have to be in at 7pm but we'll still have fun :) 

Cora and Audrey's baptism! 
The Sun rises here are beautiful!! (even behind trees....)