26 October 2015

Cora's Baptism!!!

Cora was baptized by immersion on Oct 24!!! And was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Oct 25 :) We filled the font so we were at the church most of saturday. It takes a couple of hours & we promised it would be warm water. It was amazing! The Elders came & watched the font for about 20 mins while we grabbed dinner before Cora & Audrey arrived. Audrey was also baptized on the 24. She shared a baptismal service with Cora. It was a blessing to be able to witness that. Cora has such a strong testimony. Its been incredible to witness it grow even more. I gave the talk on Baptism. It was a bit nerve racking considering I realized during the prayer that I never turned the font off!! So before I spoke I quickly ran in there to turn it off.... really embarrassing. But luckily the talk went well!! We also were able to attend Settlers Bay's sacrament meeting (it was at a different time than our wards.) to witness Cora's confirmation, receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost as your constant companion. Audrey was confirmed during the Baptismal Service.
We also visited Sister Gregory. She is a returning less active. She just moved into a trailer. It is seriously the nicest trailer I have ever seen!! She also got a new job & her daughter is living with her again. Sister Gregory is a really sweet lady. She's also a foster parent!
We visited the Doctors for Sister Bangerter's ankle. She hurt it a couple months back & its still healing.
Last P-day we played board games as a district. It was alot of fun!! We're going up Hatchers Pass today. Just going to walk around. Can't really do to many fun hikes because of her bad ankles... but we'll do what we can!!
This week has been very fun! This coming week we are attending the Temple & its Halloween. YAY! We have to be in at 7pm but we'll still have fun :) 

Cora and Audrey's baptism! 
The Sun rises here are beautiful!! (even behind trees....)

"My Little Sisters in Christ."- Fran October 19, 2015

We hike the Butte! Its in Palmer AK. Its actually quite fun but really hard..... Lets just say I still feel the Butte. President Robinson gave us permission to go on mini exchanges. Because Sister Bangerter isn't allowed to hike, she hurt her ankles a couple of months ago. So Sister Rose & I teamed up! Along with the rest of the zone. 

We also went on exchanges. Sister Johonstun and I stayed in Colony. Sister Johohnstun has only been out a transfer longer than me. We had a lot of fun. Cora had her interview!! So that was super exciting. We also visited with the Parkers (investigators), The Wolcotts (she was the missionary who taught Liam so he could be baptized), & the cute Moffats (actives). It was a really full day!! 

We had Zone Conf, which is when all the missionaries in Palmer & Wasilla come together. Plus Valdeaz & Willow. And we receive trainings on how to be more effective missionaries. Its very uplifting! The main thing that stood out was Being Bold. Whether that is with ourselves, investigators, extending invitations, or just helping people. 

Kelly & Connor texted us and told us they would like to baptized before Dec 14!! We can totally help with that :) We are stopping by later today. We're planning on reviewing the Restoration (its be 2 months since they last heard it.) & ask them to pray for a specific date! 

We also visited with Fran. Fran lives in Matanuska ward. So those elders came along with us. They brought some members from their ward. Let's just say the member basically took control. It was quite awkward.... I was able to jump in a few times. But mostly I was cut off & interrupted.... We're are seeing her Tuesday though! "I love my little sisters in Christ.". 

We also had Stake conference ( when the members & those who are interested come together for one big adult meeting & a large meeting on Sunday. People from the congregation are invited). Most of it was on Marriage. Which was interesting considering i'm not married. But I am helping families become eternal families. 

I hope you all have been doing well! I have. This week has been a full one. 
PS: Cora gets baptized on Saturday at 6! 


On top the Butte with some of the district. 
Group district picture at Zone Conference.

Zone meeting, Sisters Training, & the Parkers October 12, 2015

We had Zone meeting this week. (That's just where all the missionaries in Wasilla & Palmer come together for some additional training.) Its always a lot of fun!! The Zone Leaders will tell us some new rules/ reminders to remember & follow. 

We also had Sisters Training. We traveled to South Anchorage (45 min drive.). Sisters Training is when all the sisters in the mission come together. (either in person or through Skype.) This time they focused on Charity. I love Sisters training. We only have about 24 sisters in our mission. So we've got to stay together! 

We also were able to reconnect with the Parkers. They've been super busy because of summer & school starting. But we're excited to start teaching them again. And have set up an appointment for next week. I can't wait! 

We also attended the ward's Young Women in Excellence. Which is when they welcome the girls turning 12 into Young Womens & talk about the purpose of the program. Shortest YW in excellence i've ever attended, 25-35 mins. It was really good! I love the youth :) 

I hope you all have had a chance to listen to Conference. My favorite talks were by Elder Robert D. Hales, "Meeting the Challenges of Today's World." & President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "My Summer with Great Aunt Rose." Enjoy! 

I love you all! I hope you are all doing well. 

Wasilla Landscape 
Sister Bangerter & I. (sorry for all the timer photos!!)

05 October 2015

Transfers, General conference, & Cora set a date!!

We had transfers!! I'm back with Sister Bangerter. And we're taking over Colony ;) 

Cora set a baptismal date!!! OCTOBER 24 :)  I am way EXCITED!!! She's getting baptized the same day as her cute nicece, Audrey. We're meeting with her later this week to figure out all the details. She is on fire!! 

General Confernce ( happens every 6 months & is when the Living Prophet, Thomas S. Monson & the Apostles speak.) was on saturday &sunday. Fran was able to come to one of the sessions. It was so cute! Every once in a while we'd hear her say "YES!" during the General Women's session she'd throw her hands up in the air. (its how she grew up.) 

I also participated in a musical number for transfers. We (Sister McGraw, Elder Brock, & I.) sand "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" to the tune of "Come Thou Fount". I'd say it went pretty well. Considering we didn't have much time to practice & we sang occapella. 

I also hit 13 months :) 


Cute Sister Farmer is headed home! 

The Sisters I came out with, along with President & Sister Robinson. 

transfers, Muk Tuk, Women's conf. September 28, 2015

This week has been pretty interesting! 

Sister McGee & I both had dreams about Sister Razavi. Poor Sister McGee sometimes sleep talks. I guess a couple of days ago she got out of bed, crawled over to the hole (I sleep downstairs because the bedroom is to small for me.), & yelled "Sister Thacker I talked to Sister Razavi & she's doing okay." Than she got back into bed. Needless to say we had a good laugh. A few days later I dreamt that Sister Razavi texted us and told us she got a job interview. I told my comps that. Needless to say Sister McGee got confused and announced that to Ward Council. It was really funny! Considering I than explained I had that dream while I was sleeping...... 

We also got to try a native delicacy. Its called Muk Tuk (not sure if I even spelled that right.) But its basically whale blubber. I actually swallowed it! (my companions chickened and spat it out!) It was .... not my favorite. 

We also attended the General Womens session. Fran & Kelly both came!!! Which was really exciting :) 

We also only have 2 lessons left to teach Cora! I'm so excited. She's praying about a baptismal date  still :) 

We also got Transfers. Sister McGee is off to Fairbanks, Sister Bybee to North Anchorage YSA, & i'm staying in Colony. Sister Bangerter is coming over! We're reunited! :) 

I hope you all are having a wonderful week! 

love you all :) 

also the computer is having problems attaching files! Sorry! 

ALASKA WELCOMES YOU!! September 21, 2015

I arrived in Alaska last Monday at about noon Alaska Time! I've been put in a trio up in the Wasilla Colony ward. With Sister McGee & Bybee.

This ward is hoping. This week we picked up a new investigator, Cora. She has done her own research & basically knows all the lessons. She's just taking them as a formality so she qualify s for Baptism. She's actually praying about a specific day :) 

We also taught the Lomu Family. They are so cute! 5 kids. 2 of them are taking the lessons, Docelyn and Breaunda. We sadly have to pass them off the the Elders because they recently moved out of our area. 

The Mortorells are also praying about a date! Which is really exciting :) Kaisey is extremely prepared. 

Sister McGraw ( a missionary in the Palmer ward) and I are singing a duet at Transfer meeting. Still working on it! But it hopefully won't embarrass us ;)

Sister McGee, Sister Bybee, & I. 

Heathly, Baptims, Picture miracle September 7th, 2015

alright sorry this is so late! Happy (late) Labor day to everyone. 

So last week I made a major mistake.... dum dum doo! I accidentally left my USB in the computer. The USB that has ALL my mission photos. ALL of them!! The mission office called me and said that I'd left it ... and I thought "me? oh no. I'd never." so i searched my bag, just to be sure. And sure enough. After a tiny freak out. I ran to every floor of the library. And As i'm freaking out, a man comes up to me. "are you Sister Thacker? I found your USB its down a floor." Of course I am! I thanked him a lot. And i'll admit it I cried. Miracle people! MIRACLE. Who spends their 1 hr computer time looking at someones photo, googling the Alaska mission office number, & actually calling it??? He's either a member or just a really REALLY good person. 

I also did Baptisms for the dead. (where those who have passed away & haven't been baptized. now have the opportunity through proxy to be baptized. We know that baptism is the first saving ordinance & can only happen here on earth. And that's why its important to do your family work!). Oh my goodness!! I have watched 6 people on my mission accept the Gospel. Which has been a huge blessing. But to to actually be the proxy. All i can is say AMAAAZING!! I have missed it! I've missed doing Baptisms. 

I've decided to show you all what a basic day in my life is like- at the moment.