13 August 2015

July 20, Curtians, Investigators, and Sickness

This week has been full of ups and downs! 

We taught a lesson with some actives, the Smiths, & they invited Sister Razavi as well. YAY!!! Answer to our prayers. We asked her to bear her testimony on the Restoration. I love the Restoration lesson. There is such a power that comes with it. 

We had some interesting service this week. We helped serve ice cream at the Pioneer Home, help out at the Food Bank, and helped a less active change her sheets... never seen so much cat hair in my life. 

We were able to teach the Restoration to the Parker family's father!! YAY!! Super exciting. He asked for a Book of Mormon. OF COURSE YOU CAN HAVE A BOOK OF MORMON!!! We're teaching them again tonight. 

We were able to reconnect with the Sullivans. They live in Fishhooks area but have requested Sisters, we keep the Fishhook Elders in the loop. They are defiantly ready for the gospel.

We also got curtains! YES!! Our cottage literally only had curtains in the bedroom. Had to change that. Super Awkward. 

I also caught what the mission nurse thinks is a viral infection. So we've stayed in the past few days due to my ... grossness... hope you catch my drift. 

I hope you all have a wonderful day! I love you a lot. 

my address is : 

3250 strawberry rd 
anchorage AK 99502 

Sister McGee and I :)