25 August 2015

Book of Mormon, Temple sessions, Raymond

This week has been a busy one! Full of doctors appts, temple sessions, & sharing the Gospel!!

I met Raymond while I was on Temple Square. I'm not sure how accountable he is. He kept asking if I've seen the movie? And if I believe in Magic? (Harry potter magic? I wish! but No.) I was able to teach him a bit about temples, introduce him to the Sister Missionaries, and He got a Book of Mormon!

I also met a man on trax. The Trax Man! ( he never shared his name....) Anyways he asked me where I was going. I was heading to Temple square from the Doctors. We had  a nice conversation about Temples. He was once and investigator and was actually going to meet one of the Sister Missionaries who originally taught him. I re invited him to take lessons. He said he'd think about it.

I've been the temple quite a bit this week... actually 5 times a week I think.... So if you have names you'd like me to do let my parents know!! I love the temple. Its such a peaceful place. You can't hear the outside world. Even though I've gone inside and done an endowment session multiple times I still learn something new! If you haven't been to the temples this month, or even this summer take the time!! "You will reap the blessings of Heaven" (or something along those lines) -President Thomas S. Monson. And I agree full heartily with that!!

I also finished the Book of Mormon 2 days ago! What a wonderful feeling. I was studying every time the word Love or Heart is mentioned. Its amazing to see that its mentioned on almost every page! If you haven't started the Book of Mormon now's the time. Cause there's no time like today!!

I love you all! And hope you are doing well.