15 August 2015

August 10th, 11 months, Zone meeting, Caroling, Doctors

This week has been insane!! So many miracles & blessings.

We had a miracle family last week, the Klines. Sadly when we went to the return appt last monday. We found a note taped to the door with the Book of Mormon on the step. :( 

But we tracked into Teresa. We were trying a referral and she wasn't home so we tried a door upstairs. Teresa told us she was catholic & while she was shutting the door we mentioned eternal families. She burst into tears! He husband has just recently passed away, he was a member, and always told her they'd one day be an eternal family. We were able to bear our testimonies to her about how we believe that families can be together forever. And we set up a time to return! 

We've been visiting the doctor this week. Just some tests. Doing well! Thanks for all the prayers. 

We also had zone meeting discussing about how we can have a "bonfire" area. Things that we can do to help our areas be the best conducive to the work! We talked about updating area books, talking to 10 new people everyday, and tips on being better teachers. It was uplifting & the spirit was strong! 

We also went caroling! We sang "I am a Child of God." I think we didn't sound to shabby. I never really realized how many gospel truths it shares in it. But Heavenly Father does loves us & and answers each one of our prayers. Not always in the way we want or expect but its all in his timing. 

I love you all. And I hope you are all doing well :) 

Sister McGee and I 
At the Moffatts! With their Great Dane, Abraham.