06 July 2015

Gold Dredge #8, Transfers, Baptismal date!!!!!!!!


Last p day we had to opportunity to go to the Gold Dredge #8! Its a tour of an old gold panning site. We rode a train and got to see some old artifacts and the actual gold dredge, which is just a machine that pans for gold in large portions. We also got to actually "pan" for gold. They gave us little baggies and I had $14 worth of gold!! Rich :) 

We also put Madi on date for Baptism!!!!!!! July 17 :) She only has a few lessons left... We're so excited!!1 

We also got our transfer calls!! Sister Farmer is staying and I'm going to Wasilla Colony ward Greenie breaking Sister McGee!! I'm really excited. Wasilla is not far from Anchorage. 

We went to Nenana for the 4th. They have a bunch of community activities. We helped them with that and it was also a wonderful OYM opportunity! We were blessed to be able to receive a ride from one of the members. It was just a wonderful experience to help Nenana. 

Well I hope you are all having a wonderful week! And got to celebrate independence day!!! 
I love you all!! 


Our district 
Madi whose getting baptized on the 17th!!!!! 
At the Gold Dredge #8
Happy 4th!!!!!! 

05 July 2015

June 29, Exchanges, Service, & Temple

We had exchanges this week! I stayed in 5th ward and Sister Larcom came. We had  a blast :) We got to visit a lot of people. Sister Larcom is hilarious! 

We received a referral. They were being taught by the missionaries than they moved and now they've moved back. The Long family! The Garretts are going to introduce us. We love referrals!! 

We did service for Denyse, our investigator. We made potato salad. She wasn't feeling to well so she stayed in her bed and we cooked in the kitchen. We had a wonderful conversation about Joseph Smith and gaining a testimony of The Book of Mormon! She's a wonderful lady. 

Andrea, our recent convert, attended the temple last week!! She flew to Anchorage and attended with the youth group going from our stake. She talked about its beauty. There are so many blessings that come from the Temple. I wish we had the opportunity to go more often. But I've been about 8 times on my missionary, which is a huge  blessing. 

I hope you all have been having a wonderful week! Love you! 


Sister Larcom & I
The car we drive :)