22 June 2015

Anchorage, Zone meeting training, and the Kinnamans

We got to visit Anchorage!! They flew all the leaders in for Mission Leadership Council. They had a guest speaker, Brother Heminingway from the mission department over proselyting. He shared a lot of insights into teaching the Restoration, what the Test of Faith is, and better planning techniques. The Test of Faith is the Book of Mormon. When you gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon you can gain a testimony of every aspect of the Gospel. I know the Book of Mormon is true. And I challenge each one of you to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if the Book is true! God will hear and answer your prayers, he always does. 

Because we had MLC we also had zone meeting. We trained on finding the People the Lord is preparing and what the test of faith is! I absolutely love Zone Meeting. Its a way that we can learn to be better missionaries and how to increase in faith. 

We also had kind of a funny moment with an active member family, the Kinnamans. We asked through text if we could come visit them. She made a joke about 9 am Sunday at 403 lazelle st. We got really confused! Couldn't go at 9, that's when church is... it didn't help that we didn't realize they were active members or that 403 lazelle st is actually the church's address. Anyways she got us good!! She also fed us lunch. She's super funny! 

Anchorage temple! Sister Farmer & I. 
All the Sister Training Leaders in the Alaska Anchorage mission. Love these Sisters :)